All backer rewards

So i was wondering i kickstarted with $10 not knowing if the All backer rewards would apply to me does it or will i get nothing for backing the game with $10 the Kickstarter never specified any of this and i kept asking and no one has told me anything.


  • The lowest priced backer pledge which unlocks rewards was the Explorer packages for 25$. A 10$ donation does not unlock rewards. You can however still upgrade that pledge to any backer tier via this link .

  • I was asking about the "All Backer Rewards" not the rewards given from $25 the kickstarter never specified anything and when i asked i never got a straight answer i guess a $10 pledge doesn't count for the rewards all backers get wich is kinda missleading since it is called "All Backers" and never specified anything.
  • The backer only stretch goals, are available for anyone who purchased a backer package, i.e. $25 and above, if you donated below the $25 backer package, sadly you won't be able to get the backer-only stretch goals such as the kittens/puppies and weapon skins etc. This was explained to us during the Kickstarter,  but like belewyn said, you can still upgrade to the required minimum package $25 so that you can get these items :smile:

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