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[Podcast] From The Ashes | Episode 26: Raiding Redux

From The Ashes | Episode 26: Raiding Redux - The Ashes of Creation podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join Aggelos and Thais, the Founders of The Dungeon Crawler Network, as they bear witness the rebirth of the MMORPG genre from the ashes of an industry that has left gamers behind!

This week, Aggelos brings back Community Moderator, Belewyn, returning guest host, ChibiBree, and a new guest, Gundel, to discuss the topic of PvE raiding again! We received so much feedback from the community and had so much to cover that we decided to split the episode into two parts. Be sure to check our the Podcast Information section for links to follow our special guest co-hosts!

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Show Notes:

  • Phoenix Roundtable: Raiding Redux

Podcast Information:

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  • Special thanks to @Belewyn, @ChibiBree, and @gundel for joining me on this episode!
  • Always a pleasure sir =)
  • Sweet something to go listen to thank you.
  • Was really fun to do. Thanks so much!
  • Varkun said:
    Sweet something to go listen to thank you.
    You are welcome! I know we had alot of fun discussing this topic again.
  • I have a couple thoughts based on the discussion.
    Attunements: Having played WoW since vanilla having to do BRD to attune to MC and UBRS to attune to BWL added an extra little bit to follow certain paths in dungeons.  I like there being that small wall that separates people who do content regularly and those who want to get in with minimal effort.  This also plays to the opening of AQ where very few people could complete the quest (atmost 2-3 people per server i think) creating a huge event that the server was there to fight as a whole opening up the two sets of raids.  
    Dungeon levels: While i don't like the extreme number of difficulty levels WoW currently has I do appreciate the way ffxiv does things having the story level raid (LFR) to see the basic raid and then a savage or extreme level which would be equivalent to normal endgame content.  
    Professions+Endgame raiding: I really like this and would hope to see implemented it brings me back to weapons such as Thunderfury and Sulufras, Hand of Ragnaros. needing the extremely rare boss drops and a high level crafter who could make the legendary materials needed to create the core weapon or materials to fulfill the quest.  (I hate crafting and gathering but this is motivation)
    Quantity of Content:  I would like to see something with content along how ffxiv releases content as WoW is stuck with what feels like indefinite patches but ffxiv gets new content every 4ish months with a new raid tier every 8.  granted ffxiv does cater to casual play with low input time to a more significant output. 
    Dungeons/Raids:  I agree with the larger scale 8+ bosses to a raid and sinking numerous hours into a single session in order to bring everything down.  I would also enjoy seeing the dungeon adapt to its surroundings changing encounters one way or another.  Also the carve your own path through the dungeon opening up certain bosses or perhaps empowering bosses (Obsidian Sanctum keep the 3 drakes alive and the fight gets immensely harder but rewards are better) would be an incredible addition.
    Open World:  I would like to see how it would work i never got to experience proper open world bosses and PvP back in vanilla WoW but, as said, overcoming the PvP aspects will make that victory much more satisfying.  That being said i really like the Fear/Dread mechanic however with the open-world PvP application i would add some constraints to it such that it mimics Weakness and Brink of Death from ffxiv but, prevents the player from taking action against the boss for the duration there by crippling the player but not eliminating them completely.  
  • Good job @Aggelos and guests. I'm looking forward to giving this a listen tonight.
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