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[FAQ] [Read Me Before Posting] Customer Service

Please take a moment to read through these frequently asked questions.

Q: How do I place a ticket with the Customer Support team at Intrepid?

A: For any problem relating to your Ashes of Creation account, crowdfunding, alpha or beta keys or the referral system please follow the instructions to place a support ticket with the Intrepid helpdesk.

Q: What type of game is Ashes of Creation?

A: Ashes is a "Themebox" style MMO, so in other words it has a stockpile of pre-curated content that is unlocked as the world evolves dynamically. The Ashes world Verra is built and destroyed by players. It's a complex and strategic world where actions have meaning and consequence.

Q: Can I play the game yet?

A: At this time Ashes of Creation is in the Pre-Alpha (Alpha-0) test phase. Alpha-0 is an invite-only test phase under NDA. Sign up on the official website for a chance to win an Alpha-0 key:

Q: How will Alpha 0 keys be delivered?

A: Alpha 0 Key Winners will receive an email containing an NDA agreement for their participation within this testing phase.This will contain further instructions on how to participate in the Alpha-0 testing phase.

Q: When will Ashes of Creation launch?

  • Alpha 0 was released December 15, 2017.

  • Alpha 1 will be available Early Q4 of 2018.

  • Remaining Alphas and Betas have no specific target dates.

  • Live Launch will be "before 2020".

  • All dates and Times are subject to change

Q: What races are there?

  • Aela Humans (Kaelar and Vaelune)

  • Pyrian Elves (Empyrean and Py'Rai)

  • Kaivek Orcs (Ren'Kai and Vek)

  • Dünzenkell Dwarves (Dünir and Niküa)

  • Underrealm Race (Tulnar)

Q: What classes are there?

A: There are 8 archetypes in Ashes of Creation:

  • Bard

  • Cleric

  • Fighter

  • Mage

  • Ranger

  • Rogue

  • Summoner

  • Tank

These archetypes can be combined together into 64 different classes, as listed:

  • Classes will not be gender locked.

  • Classes will not be race locked.

  • Weapons and armor are not class-specific, but certain classes get more benefit from certain types of gear.

Q: Are there regional servers?

A: Yes.

  • North America (NA)

  • Europe (EU)

  • South-East Asia/Oceania (SEA/OCE)

Servers will not be IP locked.

8-10K concurrent users are expected per server.

Server transfers are not expected to be readily available.

Q: What languages will Ashes of Creation be released in? Will there be localization?

A: English thus far has been confirmed. Localization and translations really depend on the demand for our game in those regional markets.

  • Servers will not be languaged locked.

Q: What is the business model for the game?

A: Ashes of Creation is a subscription game ($15/month).

  • There is no box cost.

  • There will be a cosmetic only cash shop.

  • There will be absolutely no pay-to-win of any kind in Ashes of Creation.

Q: Is the combat system tab or action targeted?

A: Players can customize their combat experience to focus on tab targeted skills, action targeted skills, or a mix of both.

Q: Is Ashes a PvP game?

A: Ashes of Creation is a PvX game, meaning PvP and PvE on the same servers.

  • A flagging system is in place to minimize PvP griefing.

  • There will not be separate PvP, PvE or RP servers.

  • Most of the content is open-world. Only a small number of dungeons/raids will be instanced.

  • PvP arenas are instanced and will be cross-server.

Q: How does the PvP flagging system work?

  • [Green]  All players start as non-combatants.

  • [Purple] Players who force attack another player or enter an open-world battleground are flagged as combatants.

  • [Red]    If a player kills a non-combatant player, they will be flagged as corrupt.

Corrupt players suffer penalties at three or four times the rate of a non-combatant. They also have the chance to drop any carried/equipped items based on their corruption score.

AoE does not count as a forced attack. Healing or buffing an attacking player flags the party providing the heals or buffs.

Q: What are nodes?

A: Nodes are points of development where player activity contributes to the growth of player settlements through 6 stages:

  • Expedition (Few hours)

  • Encampment (Many hours)

  • Village (Few days)

  • Town (Many days)

  • City (Few weeks)

  • Metropolis (Many weeks)

Q: How does player housing work?

A: There are three types of player housing:

  1. Static (in-node) housing. These are limited supply homes available at Village nodes and above. These houses grow in size as the node grows.

  2. Instanced apartments. Players can purchase instanced apartments at Town nodes and above.

  3. Freeholds are sizable open-world housing plots situated outside of a Village node (or above) but within its Zone of influence (ZOI). Homes, businesses and farms can be set up on these plots.

  • Players may own up to one of each type of housing.

  • This housing may be located in one node or multiple nodes.

  • Owning housing in a node grants the player the ability to claim citizenship in that node.

  • Players may only be citizens of one node at a time. Citizenship can be changed after a cooldown  period.

  • Player housing can be destroyed as the result of a node siege. Housing decorations and designs will be saved and can be placed again in the future.

Q: What is the character creator like?

A: A wide array of character customization will be possible out of the box.

  • BDO is an example of what Character Creation is going for.

Q: Will X, Y, or Z be in the game?

A: Post any other game related questions in the General Discussion section, in one of our livestream Q&A's, or post in the #questions channel on Discord.

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