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Fishers' Delight - Let us talk fishing!



  • Ariatras said:

    The pools sound like a horrible to solution to the opposed problem. You can easily make it more natural, if you fish in any place for too long, the fish will move away. And you may not even catch any fish at the spot you pick. Forcing you to move too.

    And regarding the catch mechanic. You should never have a 100 percent chance to catch anything. 
    Also how do you propose the fishing itself works? A channel of x amount of seconds? Something indefinite? Only if it's indefinite would 100 percent catch rate be appropriate.
    I've always preferred fishing from set pools in games. I only lamented that in WoW you could also fish outside of pools. Pools also have the opportunity to bring people together. I started up quite a few conversations with people who came and fished the same pools as me. Just something I liked. 

    Having it be a nice anti-bot measure is an added bonus. Sure you can just make people able to fish anywhere they want to, and make it so there are places where no fish can be caught, but I feel that just adds a level of frustration to something that I think most people like to be relaxing. I also find that when people can fish anywhere they often choose the most remote hidey holes where they won't be spotted, which just always made me think BOT (that just might be the cynic in me though).

    Instead of it being an arbitrary measure of move away sooner or later, or trial and error finding spots to fish, I just like the pool mechanic. I find it clean and easy to implement, and easy for players to understand - fish in a pool until it disappears, then move to the next one.Fish em all out, then wait for them to respawn, or move to a new area. Sometimes I like the game to actually do some of the work for me.

    I am not really into the whole "everything must be a sim" style of play that some advocate for MMOs - maybe we have a mini QTE event for putting the bait on the hook, then a swing timer for the cast, and constantly rolling the mouse button to reel in when you catch, until the fish is on the shore. I know this is a system that some would like, but I would like something more simple.

    100% percent chance to catch? Well I thought with all the bonuses possible it would provide a 90% catch chance if you missed the sweet spot - so the entire cast would not be wasted if you missed it. You would only guarantee the catch if you hit that sweet spot in the QTE. 

    I like the QTE mechanic in this case, but I don't like it being the only way to catch, so if you miss, you miss entirely. No big deal if this isn't the case. Without it, it's like other fishing where you miss the few seconds after the bobber and the fish goes free. Maybe the catch percentages are too high, but I'm not designing the actual system, just throwing some stuff out there.

    I can see how some would rather a system where you miss that sweet spot for the catch, the fish just gets away. Fine I guess, I just thought it was a nice way for using the right bait and bonuses for fishing skill and accessories to make a difference. Other ideas for how bonuses make a difference to the actual act of fishing?

    Channel isn't necessary, not sure if you meant the visual kind like in WoW, or just an internal timer for how long the cast lasts. I don't think the visual kind is necessary but a timer for sure: X amount of seconds, that would be variable. Somewhere during that channel the QTE would appear, however they decide to visually implement (smarter people than me could come up with a nice UI).
  • I'd like a combo of ESO and Ocarina of Time
  • Pools don't stop bots, by the way. It's very easy for a bot writer to make them fish for pools. 
  • Fishing is going to be performed by far fewer people in Ashes because it is a profession that you will have to devote yourself to. Not everyone will be fishing, only the actual dedicated people who choose it as their profession.

    Bearing this in mind, fishing needs to be complex enough to justify the decision to be a Master Angler and lock yourself out of all other professions. It needs to be complex, dynamic and simple, a tough job for Intrepid.

    I like the pools idea (hopefully bots will be stopped by the software Intrepid have partnered with so designing a system with them in mind wont matter) but with some solid changes. How about having pools but having a cast circle that will initially be twice the size of the pool. Then as your skill increases or you get a better pole or lure, the circle shrinks until it is the size of a pool or smaller.

    This means that you would place the targeting circle down and your cast would land somewhere within it. So your cast would not be guaranteed to land in the pool, if not you have to cast again. As you get better the circle gets smaller and once you are at the top of your game, you should be able to always cast into a pool. 

    This would be a way for skill and bonuses to actually matter in the act of casting (like they haven't in everygame I have played. So annoying to have zero control over your cast in WoW).

    So completely scrap any guarantee to catch, but you can have a guarantee to get in the pool. Then the catch could be a QTE bar where you hit a sweet spot so you still have to pay attention.

    Maybe even for the super tough fish you have one QTE to hook, and another to successfully reel in. For the average fish just the one QTE and you have caught, but for the bigger specials, hooking triggers a second QTE and you need this to catch.

    I just think fishing needs to be a little more dynamic in the actual catch mechanic but not in the finding. I think being able to catch fish everywhere, but not have fish be everywhere is just annoying and frustrating. Nope, no fish here, five yards down the beach, none here, five yards down the beach, none here, ten yards down the beach, ah finally found a fish. No thanks.

    I actually plan to be one of those people who chooses fishing as their profession and will actually be participating in this in game. I hope that fishing is at a minimum as in depth as ESO, but really a lot more interesting and dynamic. If it is the only profession you can do, it better be.
  • I haven't read all the comments here but I hope the fishing is some what like Archeage's fishing. At least the sea fishing where you could build a fishing boat and use the correct chum to be able to start fishing and have a fishing mini game of some sort to catch it. Then having to physically place those big fish into the boat's fish tank. I thought that was really fun. And that was one of my favorite ways to make money in the game. Also the farming in that game was superb. As well as the water and boat physics. The game had really good stuff in it but was ultimately ruined by pay to win but otherwise that game was close to perfect progression wise and sea battle wise. The did a really good job with that stuff and I hope this game picks up the good aspects of archeage cuz it had some amazing things in it other games did not. Just my 2 cents
  • FFXI still has the best fishing in any mmo I've seen. If was fun and profitable.
  • FFXI still has the best fishing in any mmo I've seen. If was fun and profitable.
  •   Howdy !!! Let's not forget about the Archeage, where fishing is no longer a hobby, but a good job.    ;)
  • @Lazerou I actually like that a lot. I think the bonuses for higher skill and accessories coming into play with the cast, and then the catch being a QTE is a better system than I had thought of.

    That only works with pools, but I like pools :)

    It solves the problem I had with both WoW and ESO. WoW you couldn't control where your cast went at all, no matter what, so skill meant nothing and hitting a pool was 100% luck and with ESO you just always automatically cast into the pool if you looked at it - but then in ESO you couldn't fish outside of a pool.

    @DevonMeep I haven't played FFXIV. Why was the fishing so much fun in that game?

    I also like the idea of Anglers being able to set traps for crabs and lobsters too. With these you would have to set them down and check them a little later, so not totally dynamic, but probably not too long, maybe 10 minutes. So you could pop out a trap and do a circuit of a harbour and come back and your first trap would have a lobster in it.
  • Honestly enjoying fishing in Final Fantasy XV as I catch up on this post.
  • Duninn said:
    Honestly enjoying fishing in Final Fantasy XV as I catch up on this post.

    It is enjoyable to fish in FF XV
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    edited November 2017
    I am not sure how in depth the fishing will be, but as an avid angler in the real world it would be my hope that fishing is more explorative and engaging than plop and drop bobby cork clicking.

    I would like to discover fishing spots, not have them marked as pools* based on my understanding of the environmental factors and skill.
    casting/rod angle, equipment/tackle, terminal rigs/bait/lures. seasons/weather all relevant factors.

    I am guessing* there will be a tension (line) meter/QTE UI element. Using the mouse peripheral to  cast and control rod angle, scroll wheel to perhaps manipulate line/lure micro retrieval and space bar to set hook/rapid retrieve. Success based on all cumulative factors.

    tackle will need to be maintained, baits will be perishable and lures can be lost.
    will there be a crafting as well?...I'd like to think so.

  • I personally liked how interactive the fishing in Archeage was, a system similar to that wouldn't be half bad. 
  • While I do agree that fishing should be a challenge, of sorts, I lean more towards the AFK osrs style fishing. Don't get me wrong I do believe that fishing in an immersive mmo should give you the satisfaction from your hard work like you feel irl. But there's something about afk fishing that lets me sit and take in the world of the game. Just like one would sit on a boat and stare out at the ocean I enjoy tossing out my line, waiting for a hit, looting that sucker, and throwing the line back in. Something calm and relaxing about staring at the video game world and getting fishies at the same time. 
  • Right now they will prob go with the slider and sweet spot
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