Submit vs knockout vs death, should this be part of combat?

I have played a few games, and I ran across some that had parts of system:

1st level of combat if you lost, you could submit to your opponent, and you don't lose anything. Mainly works with PvP, I don't see a NPC asking for you to give up. Unless the DEVs at AoC put that in.

2nd level of combat if you lost, you got knocked out, and you had the option to retreat from the battle. If you have friends or allies around, they could wake you back up, and your ready to fight again, once your health was up to a good level again. But if no one wakes you, you had to retreat anyway.

3rd level of combat if you lost, you got killed, and this is where you had no choice but to return to a rez point, plus you take a death penalty to your stats for a small amount of time.

Now can something like this work within the frame work of AoC?

1. A duel between players, doesn't have to end with death, just submit to the better fighter.

2. If you don't submit, then you can be knocked out.

3. If a player kills you when you knocked out, then should gain corruption for do it.

Knocked out also in the wild could and should run the risk of a monster looting an item from your inventory bag. Just some random item, but they would take something that would be of value to that creature.

Killed in the wild could have the monster take a few items from your dead body, if your not rezzed fast enough. You might lose a few items you need. ( This happened in the game UO a lot.)

I like the corruption idea, but I was thinking away not add a few levels to it, so if you do get into a fight with other players, you don't just go corruption right away. Unless you just kill them out right.

What do you guys think?


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