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Hi Ashes of Creation Team,

i wanted to talk about a very important thing in a MMORPG, like the topic says "PvP"

I hope you guys think about us too. In all the Years i Played MMORPGS (WoW, Aion, RIFT, Tera, Blade and Soul) i can clearly say in all ways PvE was really good, i had absolutly nothing to talk about bad things, i cant even say bad things to PvE Content in all this Games.

But one Point dissapointed me really often, and it was PvP, i really Love PvP and i think there are a lot of Players who loves PvP too.

In all this games i Listed, there is one Game where the PvP made a lot of fun, and it was AION.
I know AoC is not Aion, but i hope you implent a good OPEN WORLD PVP in this Game.

Little Description:

In Aion you had Quests, where you get Rewards you only got from Open World PvP, dungeons you could only Enter if you Raided with 200-500 people to get PvP Points for your PvP gear, Quests you only could do in PvP Area, Normal Dungeons you could only Enter in PvP area.
(In Some dungeons you cant avoid PvP to enter a PvE dungeon, or World Bosses)
there was no (I turn now PvP on or off) it was 2 Factions who permanently stayed in "war" to each other, when you saw somebody, you attacked him.

Even when you had General Status in PvP or TOP 1, you could Transform into a Guardian for 10-15 Minutes, and while Transforming there was a notice for the Server that Player XY Transformed into a Guardian.

There was PvP Ranks, Rank 9 - 1, Officer, General, and TOP 1 (Forgot the name)
So Higher the PvP Rank you killed, so much PvP points you got or Lost.

There was Quests like kill 10x Rank 9 Players, after that Kill 10x Rank 8 players and so on.

And After the Kill 3x Asmodian/Elyos General's you got a Legendary Godstone

I can really say it was such a nice Play to make a Group and do Open PvP in PvP Areas.
In AoC we really need this too, please implent items you can only obtain through PvP, and only through OPEN PvP, otherwise the open PvP in this game will be dead like the Open PvP in Blade and Soul.

For Example, in B&S at lvl 45, you had 4-5 Quests (Open World PvP) if you finished it you got 7-11 Soulstones Per day, and this was the only way to obtain Soulstones. After content upgrade and level upgrade to lvl 50 it was ruined, you got Soulstones in PvE and the Open World PvP was dead.

Shortly what i want to try to say is:
Please and i really know there are Players who think like me, please implent a good Open World PvP, people who played Aion know exactly what i mean.

I go now on Youtube and try to search a nice Open World PvP Video


Video is not the Best, but it shows what i mean, Video Starts at: 2:22Min

Best Regards


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    I was going to do the same but decided it wasn't worth my time.  :D

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    Sadly I don't think we will get to see an owpvp game as good as aion until aion 2 eventually gets announced. I will say that this game seems to be aiming to make owpvp, in a variety of formats, a large part of the game. 

    Node/castle sieges seem like they will be reminiscent of fort sieges in the abyss(minus the flying), but with added layer too it in actual node defenses(possible ballistas, archer towers, whatever they actually end up putting in), and the objectives will work differently. Also it won't be timed like the abyss forts were, it will be player decision that forces this. So sadly these sieges run the chance of being infrequent when compared to forts. 

    Even with the flagging system, I doubt we will ever get the kind of everyday pvp we saw in aion. Aion, it was just daily life that red=dead. So there will be less of that, but I'm hoping we see a decent incentive by launch to stay flagged, which would make it a little better. 

    However, caravans sound like they could get close to that true open world pvp feeling. It will definitely lose a bit of that "always looking over your shoulder" feeling Aion gave, but at the same time, you are a huge target, and you have no idea if you'll face no opposition or a giant Zerg. Some I'm looking forward to this. 

    This game has the potential to have amazing owpvp. Way more controlled and friendly for people who don't want to participate in it but plenty of outlets for those who do. As long as they add incentive to flag and stay flagged while doing every day questing/gathering we will be in good shape. My opinion really does hinge on that incentive tho, because if it's just the death penalties, that wont be enough to get people to stop people from only owpvpiny on their terms. 

    And for owpvp to not feel scripted and bland you need to have those frequent situations where ganking can happen; where someone can totally just come up and wreck your day because you weren't paying attention. 
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  • SylarrSylarr Member
    im sorry for double post, it was just in my mind, and i wanted to share it with the community.

    i still just hope they make a great open pvp
  • DygzDygz Member ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Sylarr said:
    2 Factions who permanently stayed in "war" to each other, when you saw somebody, you attacked him.
    That really is more like some kind of MMOPVP game than an RPG.
    One of the best parts of the Ashes design is having real in-game story reasons to be in conflict with other players and want to battle them besides "I want to upgrade my PvP-gear" or "She's flagged as the enemy - KOS!!!"

    In Ashes:
    We attack the players protecting a rival caravan to prevent an adjacent town from becoming a city so the don't lock our node at the town Stage.

    If we fail and the town does become a city, we stage a siege to try to knock it back down to the town Stage.

    Perhaps some players will hold grudges and KOS other players they've fought before. But, they might also set aside those grudges and band together to defeat a rampaging Dragon terrorizing their region.

    Perhaps a cult in the Science Metropolis hates fast travel and allies with players in rival nodes to have them destroy the fast travel network.

    Ashes doesn't have PvP gear separate from PvE gear.
    Hopefully, we can minimize the meta reasons for combat - especially PvP combat - like upgrading gear. And maximize the in-game story reasons for combat - like competing for local resources or who gets to reach the metropolis Stage and who doesn't.
  • HavenHaven Member
    The pvp should be nice its has a Archage/Lineage 2 theme 2 it and those are my favs :)

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  • SylarrSylarr Member
    the caravan pvp sounds really interessting :) :)
  • FyziksFyziks Member ✭✭
    None faction OW choice to ally to advance ,combat to compete carries enough tangible reward for a considerate player. Extreme pvp players will gravitate to military focused nodes for their constant kill fix. I foresee that the presently undefined support classes like Bard which seem unlikely military node choices will become the defining defensive factor for keeping your node up in a siege.
  • SylarrSylarr Member
    Sounds good, but to be honest i really missed the open world pvp! :-)
    i saw blessed will be released in europe soon, saw some videos on youtube, and it has like aion Faction vs Faction PvP with Questing regions you cant aviod PvP.
    But lets see what happens in AoC, i think they do a good work, and i really hope they think about the "pvp" players, really missed the open world point, pvp rankings etc.
    im really bored about arena-pvp (had it too much in Blade & Soul)
    I Put all my hopes in this game :smiley: #MakeMMOGreatAgain #AoCNumber1 #OpenWorldPvP
  • zazukeyszazukeys Member ✭✭✭
    I am really excited as well and can hardly contain it :star:

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    Hopefully they stick to their original plans for this PvP system, its great. I hope there is not too many people against it, it does sound scary. But what fun is a game without a little risk?
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