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Voyage to a new land.

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Not sure if anyone has been reading my post on here. But I am bring it to a close this weekend. But I will start a new story called Voyage to a new land. Not to give anything away, but it will not include the characters from the story I written so far.

I hope you like what I have done so far, if not well let me know that too. lol



  • I'll read
  • I'll read

    Cool thx
  • :) Oh and I am not doing the pictures this time.
  • Ah ok

  • Hope it's good :)
  • Hope it's good :)

    Hey I am trying my best. I am working on the last part to Journey to the black gate now. But I don't see me finishing it tonight. Tired from work lol.
  • Better to take your time than rushing it ;p
  • Better to take your time than rushing it ;p

    I know that's why I stopped lol
  • Granthor I have loved every story from day 1. I'm still trying to bring your projects to life to the best of my ability. 
    I'm on edge and can't wait to read the next great story you have for us. We are not worthy. 
  • makinoji said:
    Granthor I have loved every story from day 1. I'm still trying to bring your projects to life to the best of my ability. 
    I'm on edge and can't wait to read the next great story you have for us. We are not worthy. 

    Well I finished off the Granthor one, as you have seen, and linked the other stories to that one post. I will start the other one very soon.
  • makinoji said:
    Granthor I have loved every story from day 1. I'm still trying to bring your projects to life to the best of my ability. 
    I'm on edge and can't wait to read the next great story you have for us. We are not worthy. 

    Oh BTW, if you find stories I need to fix please let me know ok. I know I had to fix a few areas along the way. lol
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    The day started with the sun in high in the sky and a strong wisp of salty air on the wind. A young man sits alone quietly and watches for incoming ships, with thoughts of a brother who has sailed off months ago. 

    He wears a long-sleeved hide jacket, that is part of the common wear of the town folk, and it covers him to his groin and is bound slightly off-center. The sleeves of his jacket are a little wide and reach down to just below his wrists.

    The jacket has a neckline which reveals part of the fancy shirt worn below it and is worn with a large leather belt, which is held together by a decorative gold pin. His pants are simple and a little wide and reach down to his soft leather shoes. The shoes are made from a pretty uncommon leather but are otherwise an ordinary design.

    He sits and looks across the bay with his blue eyes, then begins to rub the blonde hair on the top of his head. He wonders why the docks are so quiet this day. Normally the port is busy with shipping, traders come for far and near to pedal their wares, but this day none can be found. Only ships to be found, are the ones still in port, tied to the docks, and the sailors are all off in town getting drunk.

    Then it hits him, as he looks to a sign posted to the right of where he is sitting. A huge sign the states.

    By order of the King, all shipping is halted, until further notice.

    No reason was given, or when the ban will be lifted. So it's just another day that his older brother will not be returning home.

    " Young Master Stormhand, your father has been looking for you. I knew you would be here at the docks, but it's time to get back home. "

    He turns to see a tall silver-haired elf, that's shoulder-length in a tight ponytail revealing a bony, time-worn face. Glinting green eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, watch him closely now.

    He's wearing a long green jacket, with gold lining, perfectly wrapped around his body to his knees. It has an intricate, but subtle plaid pattern, giving it a stylish casual look. There are eight buttons of his double-breasted jacket are all buttoned up with the exception of one, a relaxed touch to a classy look.
    The jacket is the same length all around, it has a vent at the back, there's a single pocket on one side and there's a breast pocket which contains a stylish pocket square.

    He's also wearing pants which copy the style of the jacket, both in color and pattern and they create a perfect balance with his shoes. He's wearing a graceful pair of plain toe black boots.

    " I told you to call me Peter. I don't like people calling me by my sir name. ", Peter gives him a big frown as he stands from where he was sitting.

    But this was Orist after all he remember quickly and a trusted friend of the family. He has helped to raise him and his brothers, while his sister Lyre helped his mother with his sisters. They once served the old elven king of the north, long before he was even born, and now they serve my family. It wasn't his concern after all, but he still didn't like being called by his sir name in public.

    " There are no ships coming in again today Orist, just like yesterday, and the day before that. When will the king let the ships return? ", Peter asks with a concerned look now.

    Orist just motions for him to follow, and puts an arm over his right should, as they return to the Stormhand estate.

    " I know you miss your older brother Robert young master, but there isn't much we can do about it now. He is gone like the others that left before him. That's why the king has given a royal command on the shipping for now, and all trade has to come over the land. At least until they find out what happened to the lost ships. "

    Peter looks at him now with tears in his eyes, as they reach the end of the docks. He looks back for a short moment, then over to Orist again.

    " But the king will let others find out what happened right? Maybe Robert is waiting to return, but just can't because of the order. Maybe if the king would just............"

    Orist motions for him to be calm and to quite himself. Then continues to walk with his back to his home.

    " I am sure Robert is fine little one, so don't worry yourself over him today. But we have a party to get to now, after all, it's your sixteenth birthday, and it's time for your right of passage. Come, your father is waiting for us, along with your family and friends. "

    " I know Orist, but I was just wishing Robert would come back at least on my birthday, I was wishing very hard that he would. "

    " I know young master, but in time maybe he will return to us. But for now, let us worry about the here and now. We have a party to attend after all, and everyone is waiting for you. Maybe tomorrow Robert will return, or the next day. "

    " You really believe that Orist? ", asks Peter with hope in his eyes now.

    " Of course I do, after all, we all must have faith. ", he says with a smile.

    They continue walking away from the docks, like all the other days before it, nothing is coming or going. But one old salty sailor breaks the silence, as he wakes up from inside a rowboat on the pier, and he falls out of the small craft onto the dock floor with a thud. He staggers to his feet, making his way to one of the large ships, looking for the one he is crewed on. He finds the one and looks it over, then takes out a bottle of rum, gives a toast the ship, and drinks it all down in one breath.

    He tosses the bottle on the ground, as it shatters into a thousand pieces, and he staggers to board the ship. In his very drunken way, as he makes it onboard, then slowly he disappears from sight.

    To be continued....................

  • Thanks for the update, enjoyed it :)
  • Thanks for the update, enjoyed it :)

    Thank you, I will be adding two more parts this weekend.
  • Can't wait :)
  • Good read, hope to see more of your work bro :wink:
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    Peter enters his families home to the sight of multi-colorful streamers and banners, they line the walls shimmering in the light, along with floating orbs of different colors. On a few tables are gifts of every shape and size step up on display. His eyes grow wide from the sight of it all, as Orist takes his leave, then a voice calls to him from behind.

    " You do know all of those gifts are not just for you? "

    He turns to see the face of his twin sister. Anna Stormhand, his younger sister by only one hour, but they still share the same birthday. She has long blonde hair, that's tied into a long ponytail down her back, and sky blue eyes.  He can see she has put on her best white dress with golden trim for this day. It flows down into a simple neckline, as it looks to be of a loose fit, but its tight in areas it needs to be. Her arms are uncovered just below her shoulders, showing off soft skin that looks to well care for with fine lotions. The waist is wide but is a tight fit. It's left simple, elegant and undecorated, creating a look that flows from top to bottom. Below the waist, the dress widens and has multiple symmetric layers towards the bottom. The dress reaches all the way down to the ground and is the same length all the way around. To top it all off she's wearing a subtle necklace and several lavish bracelets.

    " What are you all dressed up for Anna? Are you going out on the town with friends? I thought we were having a private party here with our family? I don't recall our other brothers and sisters getting dressed up."

    She pushes past him to look out the front door, but no one can be seen. She looks at Peter once more, seeing him in his plain clothes, just makes her even madder.

    " You know the father is very crossed with you Peter, he waited for you but has gone to town with our sisters. Now you go with Peter, get into your best clothes, they can't see you like this! Everyone else is getting dress, why do you have to be so different? Hurry up go change please! ", she pushes him toward the stairs now.

    Peter now getting annoyed spins off of her hands and gives her a push of his own to her left shoulder. That, in turn, sets his sister right off, she gives him a hard frown and begins to chant in a low tone.

    "Why all the fuss, it's just a few friends, with family after all? "

    With the wave of her hand, she lifts Peter off the ground, and grabs hold of his arm. Now with little effort, she drags him up the steps, while he is floating in the air. Not only can't he walk away now, but she froze in place. Keeping him still, so she can get him quickly upstairs and out of sight without a fight. Their special day must be perfect, but if he continues to protest, she will have a new spell to handle that too.

    Peter knows it's no use to fight her, not when she has her mind set on things, but this just isn't right, and he does the only thing he can do now. With a loud tone of voice, he protests her actions to his sister, as she drags him up the flight of stairs.

    " No fair! No fair! I'm telling mother! You know you're not supposed to cast spells on family members. You are going to get into trouble. "

    " Oh be quite Peter! You're not going to embarrass me on our birthday, you're going to get into your best suit and like it, or I will............"

    But as she reaches the top step, she feels her body freeze in place. Not one inch of her can move, and footsteps now come her way. She knows that sound all to well, as an older female in a long white robe now stands in front of her now.

    " Oh Anna, what have I told you about picking on your brothers? ", she waves a hand to break the spell over both children.

    " But mother Peter is being so, so......himself today, I just wanted......."

    " Anna, stop. Peter, you go on and get ready for the party. Your sister and I have to talk a bit. ", she says with a motion for him to leave now.

    Peter knows that tone in his mother's voice and learned long ago never question her once she has told him to do something, so he leaves them to do a whatever females talk about. He looks back for a quick moment to see them going back downstairs, and he just leaves it at that and heads to his room as told.

    Along the way, he sees the door to his father's study is open, and he pauses for a second to look inside. He knows his father rarely leaves the door open, not even for a crack, so why today. The room is full of shelves with books of different types, and a desk in the middle with a large chair in back on it. Tons of papers and objects spread over the top of it, some papers and items are on the floor as well. There is a window in the back that is covered, and next to that a large shield with an image of a dragon on it, along with dragons hilted sword mounted in the back of it. Over the hilt of the sword hangs a dragon's head medallion, that has blue sapphires for eyes. His father told him of his adventures, and of the very items, he is looking at now.

    He takes a few steps into the room to get a better look at them, knowing he was told never to set foot in this room, but he just wants to get a better look at them for a quick moment, then he will pop out quickly without a sound. As he takes a closer look at them, he hears a voice call out to him.

    " Peter....... "

    He looks around nervously, but no one can be seen, he knows his father is still in town, so it wasn't him. His brothers are not in the house, and his other sisters are in town with their father. Then the voice calls to him once more, but this time the eyes of the dragon head now glow a bright red. He swallows hard and backs out of the room slowly.

    " Peter Stormhand..........I see you........come to me.......come closer......"

    Now he knows he is in trouble, and he quickly backs out of the room away from the dragon's gear. The eyes quickly fade, as a hand lands on his right shoulder, sending him jumping up in a good scare. He turns to see Orist looking down at him, and he is given a very crossed look, as he removes him from the study.

    " Master Peter, your father isn't going to like this.", Orist closes and locks the door behind them.

    "You are not going to tell my father will you Orist, I didn't touch anything, I was only curious. "

    Orist leads Peter back to his room, giving him only a few glances, then answers him as they reach his door.

    " Now master Peter, it's not my place to tell on you anymore, but on this day of your birth, I believe you should be the man you are now, and tell him what you have done yourself. "

    " But I've done nothing wrong Orist, the door to the study was already open, and then there was this voice."

    " Now don't say another word young master, you have a party to get ready for, and the lady of the house has sent me up here to make sure you do just that. Now let's get you ready, shall we? ", say Orist as he cuts him off from speaking.

    Peter with a protest in his heart, agrees to get ready, but still thinks about what he has seen in his father's study, and who or what was calling his name? "

    To be continued.............

  • Good read, hope to see more of your work bro :wink:

    Part two is up and ready. FYI. More to come by tonight.
  • This one was really interesting :3 great job man !
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    The party was in full swing now, everyone was dressed in their best and having a great time. Music was being played by the best Bard's Master Granthor Stormhand could buy, there were people dancing in the grand hall, and much conversations was at hand in different groups. In the Stormhand's main dining area, and down the hall to the main entrance. Food of different types was set up for all to take samples of, or more if that is what they wished. The talk of the town tonight was of the Stormhand twins Peter and Anna. They are of the age sixteen now, and its the time of adulthood for them both. 

    Anna, of course, was off with her friends talking about the nice gifts she gotten from them, and a few extras for the political types in town looking to score points with her father. Her sister's Joy, Rose, Helen, and Eliza all are gushing over her gifts too, she has gotten tons of new fancy jewelry, along with a few new dresses with shoes.

    Peter to has gotten his own fair share of gifts, items of very high quality in the latest fashion of clothing. Something he really wasn't into, but he put on the best face he could when opening his gifts to receive them. His brothers James, Simon, Edward, and Isaac, of course, knew what he loved to talk about all the time, that would be going on an adventure, so they got him gifts that were fitting someone ready to travel. He got from them a good travel pack, a skinning knife, good bow with arrows, and good flint for making fires.

    His brothers didn't stay long after his gift opening, there were young ladies to be entertained this day, and his brothers were taking full advantage of this time to meet the pretty young ladies at the party. Peter knows they are looking to settle down soon, they are over the year of twenty and want to start families of their own by now. He doesn't blame them one bit, but right now that's not what he is looking for in life.

    Peter now standing on his own, scans the guess at the party, hoping to see his oldest brother Robert. So many people, but still no Robert to be heard or seen on this day, and he was really hoping that he would show up.

    One guess stands out among the others. A very short man in a red dress uniform, with gold buttons going down one side, and has a long grey beard that is tied into a brad. The top of his head is bald, except for the sides, and what is left there is grey and also tied into a long braid down his back.

    The man seeing Peter smiles and walk over to him. Peter, of course, doesn't remember him, but it looks like he knows him.

    " Why look at you, little Peter all grown up. I bet you don't remember me do you? "

    " Well no sir, I don't recall you, I am sorry.", says Peter while looking him over closer now.

    " Why I am your father's oldest and dearest friend Red. We have been on many adventures back in the good old days." He takes a sip of wine then continues.

    " I have not seen you since you were knee-high, now look at you, all grown up.", Red takes another sip of wine.

    Peter begins to feel a little uneasy now, as he begins to remember his father talking about someone named Red, and how he was a bit of a character. Before Red can speak once more, a new face quickly takes hold of him and looks down at Peter for a moment. He is slender in form, and wearing a very expensive black suit, with red trim. His hair isn't as grey as Red's, but he knows if you have the money, you can turn back the time of aging for a short while. And it looks like Max has taken full advantage of that type of magic.

    " Good to meet you, Master Peter, I am Max, another of your father's old friends. I will take our little friend somewhere, where he isn't bothering you if that is ok with you? "

    " Now see here you old goat, if I want to talk to Granthor's kid, I will stand and do as I please. ", with that Max leads him away from Peter.

    Max and Red, Peter thinks about what his father said about them. Oh, right they went off with two other elf-folk and were gone a long time, before returning and settling down back here. Red was part of the towns guard before retiring, made a good name for himself too. Max, on the other hand, took ownership of a trading company, and also has a shipping company to boot. He is a very rich man in town. The only one that is richer is his own father, Max's daughters are also at this party. Trying to get a few of his brothers in marriage no doubt, but again that's not what he is looking for.

    The music stops, and from the top steps, someone calls down to the guess. It's Peter's father Granthor Stormhand, and next to him is his mother Marisa Stormhand.  

    He's wearing a fancy white shirt buttoned it up fully to support the graceful jeweled clasp he's wearing. On top of the shirt he's wearing a white silk vest with six golden buttons, it has a very narrow v-line, which allows for a large portion of the top to remain visible. On top of that is a white jacket that was clearly made for him, it's a perfect fit. It has a tight herringbone pattern which gives the suit a more formal and elegant look. The six buttons of his double-breasted jacket are all buttoned up with the exception of one, a subtle touch of nonchalance which works perfectly. The jacket is longer at the back, it has vents on either side, there are two pockets on either side and there's a breast pocket which holds a red rose. He's wearing pants which have the same color as the jacket, but a slightly different pattern and they're a perfect match for his shoes.

    She wears a white dress with golden trim, that covers only a small portion of her shoulders and flows down into a delicate cowl neckline. It's a comfortable fit which makes the dress look comfortable, yet elegant and stylish. Her arms have been covered to just above her wrists. The sleeves are a tight, but comfortable fit from top to bottom, allowing for enough movement while still looking stylish. The dress' waist is narrow, but it's a loose fit. A red bow has been wrapped around her waist and positioned slightly to one side. Below the waist, the dress fits loosely around her but keeps an elegant skirt style. The dress reaches all the way down, almost covering her feet and is longer at the sides and back of the dress. She's wearing t-straps, a perfect choice in combination with this dress. To top it all off she's wearing an ornate necklace and several elegant bracelets.

    They walk down the grand stairs together, her arm under his, moving with very little effort down to the ground level. Granthor has aged very well over the years, showing very little grey in his perfectly kept hair and beard. Marisa too still has her blonde hair, its tied in a long bard swung over her left shoulder, but many believe it's colored more of a caster's spell, then it being of a natural look. She doesn't care what others may think, she is still very beautiful for her age.

    " Welcome friends and family, welcome to you all. We are here to celebrate my two offspring. Peter and Anna, on their sixteenth birthday, to mark them both on their passage into being adults.", Granthor motions both of his children to stand forth to the middle of the room.

    He takes a glass of red wine from a table near to him, and everyone else takes a glass as well. Orist comes from the back of the room with two glasses of red wine on a silver tray and stands before the two young Stormhands. They turn to take the glasses, and Orist retreats from the area quietly.

    Granthor raises a glass to his children and says a few words.

    " Whatever gifts you may receive today, they can't compare to what you give others every day. With children like you, I can really count myself lucky. May your birthday be wonderful, and may this year be as lucky for you as well! Have a fantastic birthday Peter and Anna! May all your wishes come true! "

    Everyone cheers the blessing, and Peter takes a sip of the red wine, it tastes a little bittersweet, nothing like he was used too, but still taste good to him. People walk over and give personal congrats to both children, Anna is swept away by the other women now, and Peter is shaking hands of different gentlemen. He finds himself being press against by a few more people, as they try to get in a quick congrats on his day, then his father comes over to rescue him from the crowd. He walks him outside the home, and they stand on the patio overlooking the bay.

    " Well son, how are you liking your special day? ", he says with a smile. 

    " Well truth be told, it's not what I thought it would be father. Besides, I wish Robert was here, I miss him so much. "

    Granthor pats him on the back lightly, then looks out into the night air. And thinks about the son he lost only about a year ago to the sea.

    " Yes, I wish he was here to Peter, but some things you can't change."

    " I know he is out there somewhere father, and one day he will return to us! ", tears begin to flow down Peter's cheeks now.

    " You hold on to that feeling Peter. If that's what drives you now, then you hold onto that feeling of yours. ", he says with a smile.

    Then Granthor leaves his son alone to think in the night air. it's much quieter outside than in the home, Peter finds the calm nice spot, and sits on a chair to think for a bit longer. He places his hands on the pockets of his suit jacket, then feels something inside one. He reaches in and pulls out a small note. It reads:

    Come to the docks in three days, we have a ship, and we will help find your lost brother. Tell no one about this trip. Signed a friend.

    He can't believe what he is reading, who gave him this note? He thinks for a moment, and it must have been when all those guesses pressed in close to him. But why hand him a note in secret, then he remembers the kings' order. But who would dare go against the orders of the king? His mind races now, thinking of what to do next. But for now he returns to the party, maybe this new friend might still be around. He must find out who they are.

    To be continued...................

  • Mysterious note :open_mouth: really good yet again, I really like the description you gave for Granthor's and Marisa's clothes, it was easy to visualize them :3
  • Mysterious note :open_mouth: really good yet again, I really like the description you gave for Granthor's and Marisa's clothes, it was easy to visualize them :3

    Thank you again, glad your still enjoying the story so far. More to come late of course.
  • Hope we did you justice. Here's part 1 @Granthor
  • makinoji said:
    Hope we did you justice. Here's part 1 @Granthor
    This one is great too, good voice acting <3
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    The party is now long over, all the guest have gone home, and all of Peter's siblings are fast asleep. Peter finds himself looking up at the ceiling to his room, laying alone in the dark, with only a hint of light coming in from the moon outside his window. He is still puzzled over the note that was past to him, by some unknown friend, but who could it be? He has told no one about it, but could this be a trap? No, not in this town, his family is well respected, and they even have the kings order of protection. His father is a very important man in this city, heck even in the whole kingdom he thinks. So no one would dare do his family any harm. Besides, if someone was that stupid, his mother would use her full powers of magic against them, and they would wish they never crossed that line.

    Speaking of magic, Peter now begins to wave his right hand in the air, and small sparks dance off his fingertips. Then with a snap of his fighters, he spawns a very small magical flame. It's a very old trick his mother showed him, a test to see if he had any magical abilities. All of his siblings had to go through it at the age of five, but not everyone past his mother's test. Out of all his brothers and sisters, only six had the magical touch. His father, in turn, took the sons that didn't have that power, and begin their training with fighting. They started with long sticks, and as the years past graduated to hard metal swords.

    Peter, on the other hand, was given instructions on the use of magic, but out of the six, he was the weakest of the young Stormhand casters. Anna, on the other hand, is the strongest, and she teased Peter all the time about his lack of power. His father learning of this sent for Rhys, the elf battle mage, to help train Peter in a mix of combat and magic. His mother was against this type of training, said that Peter would grow into his powers over time, and training in melee combat would only slow it down. But his father insisted and in the end, Peter gained his own special powers.

    Peter returns his thoughts to the note once more, but the sounds of his belly grumbling a bit take his mind off it once more. He starts to feel a little bit hungry, he knows the food has all been stored away, but he thinks there to be a bit something left out to curve the pain. Sometimes Orist does leave a few bits out for his father, with so much food left over, at least he still hopes there is some.

    He snaps his fighters a couple times and switches the flame into a small area light. Then quietly gets out of bed, and puts on his robe and slippers by the bed. It's late at night, so he must be very quiet. He makes his way to the door of his room and slowly opens it up to look outside. It crackles a bit as it opens, echoing the sound a little in the air around him. It's pitch black in the outside hall, then he moves his light to get a better look. No one can be seen, just the old paintings on the walls and a few wells places potted planets. So Peter takes a few steps out into the hall, and heads for the stairs leading to the kitchen.

    As he quietly walks down the hall, a few of the floorboards crackle under his footsteps, he freezes in place a few times, then continues to walk along the darkened hall. After a few more steps, he finds himself reaching his father's study, the door is closed, but Peter finds himself staring at it. He listens for any sounds coming from inside, but nothing can be heard, then he thinks to knock on the door. Maybe his father is inside, he sometimes goes in there to have time to himself. But Peter thinks he better not, but maybe the door is unlocked again. That will tell him if his father is in there, so Peter slowly puts a hand on the knob, and give sit a little turn. But just like he figured, it's locked up tight.

    He turns to continue his trip to the kitchen when the door to the study now slowly swings open. Now he's done it he thinks, as he freezes in place, his father must have been inside, now he is in trouble. He turns to look at what he thinks with be his father staring down back at him, but no one is in the small room. It's pitch black, and no light can be seen. Then in the distance, a pair of glowing red eyes can be seen, and a voice calls out to him.


    The candles that line the walls ignite with flame, and he can see his father's dragon gear on the wall, and the eyes of the dragon head shaped medallion are glowing brighter now. 

    He is about to take a step in the room when he is stopped with a heavy hand on his left shoulder, and it sends him jumping into the air with a scare. He turns to see his father standing behind him in his night robe, holding a lit three-tier candle set, and he can only look at him, as his father looks into the now dark room.

    " Well now, this is twice this door has opened for you, Peter. Even after I have locked it, are you casting some type of spell on the locks? "

    Peter swallows hard, he knows he should have said something earlier, Orist must have said something to him. But wait, wasn't the room just lit if candles he thinks. Maybe it's a spell his mother cast to light the room, but she knows father doesn't like magic used on his belongings, so that can't be it. He looks at his father nervously now.

    " I didn't cast a spell or picked the locks father, this door was open earlier, and tonight it opened on its own again. It's not me doing it. "

    His father moves his hand to go over Peter's shoulder now and escorts him into the room. He takes a lit candle from its setting, as he leaves Peter standing in the middle, and begins to light all the candles along both walls. Then Peter's father places the three-tiered one he was holding, on the table in the middle of the room, and turns to peter once more.

    " Peter my son, you have never lied to me in your life. True you might not volunteer information of your deeds to me at times, and Orist has always told when you get into trouble. But in all your years, you have never lied to me. So I am thinking, why would you start today? ", he looks back at his gear on the wall for a moment with concern.

    " Father I am sorry, please forgive me. But your right I never would lie to you ever, and I am not lying about this now. Your study door opened on its own, and I had nothing to do with it. I swear! ", he continues to look at his father with nervous eyes. 

    His father sensing his tone looks back at Peter now, then gives him a big smile.

    " I know you would never lie to my son, but I am troubled by what your saying. ", his father now moves to remove the medallion from the sword hilt.

    He looks it over slowly, remembering the feel of it from so long ago, now he turns to look at his son.

    " You know the story behind this item, and how it saved my life right? "

    " Yes father, you have told us the story many times, how you fought the man they called Piper and faced the darkness. But I do recall you said mother came to save you? ", he says with a quested look.

    " Yes that's true too, your mother did save me, but this item with its armor saved me first. Its armor is alive, at least it felt like it was. It knew I was in danger, and it moved to protect me. Yes, the power I was against that day was powerful, but this armor still protected me long enough, until your mother saved the day. ", his father looks at the dragon's head closer.

    " Peter know this, I have looked into these items I gained from the dragons tome, and it turns out they are not from this land."

    Peter moves to his father side now, feeling safe with him here, and takes a closer look at the dragon's head.

    " What do you mean it's not from here father? ", giving him a questioning look.

    " I mean what I have in my hand, that sword and shield, your mother's old staff, and even some of the people of this land. All of it comes from some far away place, where that is I have no clue. It's been lost to time, no one really knows where our people came from, or how we came to these shores."

    " But do you think that's where Robert went, to find where our people came from? ", asks Peter with a touch of excitement now.

    His father returns the medallion to the hilt and turns to look at his son once more. He gives him a smile again, then hugs him hard to his chest. Peter, of course, lets his father do this, and returns the hug he is getting in kind. Then his father walks with Peter to leave the room, snuffing out the candles along the way.

    " Peter your time to leave my home is coming soon, I know you're going after your brother Robert, it's in your eyes and your look. I know that look, it's the one of adventure, and I had it a long time ago. Your grandfather tried to stop me back then, but I left anyway and spent years away from home. In the end, I returned and started the family you have right here that loves you deeply. ", he moves to Peter side once more and looks him in the eyes.

    " To answer your question about where Robert has gone, that I don't know my son, but know this. If your being called, you have to choose to answer it and go where that call is leading you. But do me a huge favor, before you leave, please say goodbye to your old man, and your loving mother. ", he hugs his son once more.

    " I will father, and I will return once I find Robert. This I swear to you now! ", Peter smiles back at his father, knowing he just got his blessing to leave home.

    His father tells him they should go raid to the kitchen together, as he closes and locks the door behind them. The two walk off and have the best father and son moment, as they go downstairs to have a midnight snack.

    As they disappear from sight, a figure moves from the shadows, it's Anna, and she was ease dropping on their discussion. She thinks for a moment, then goes off to her mother's room. If Peter is going after Robert, she will make sure he isn't alone on this quest. She must get mother's blessing to leave as well, that's her thinking, as she reaches her parent's doorway. She lifts a hand to knock on the door, but it swings open before she knocks. Her mother stands before her, with long blonde hair undone resting over her shoulders, while wearing a long flowing silvery nightgown.

    " Mother I have something to tell you, it's about Peter and Robert.....and.........."

    Her mother raises a hand to stop her.

    " I know Anna, nothing goes on in this household that I don't know. Come inside my room, we have much to talk about.", she gives her a smile.

    Marisa knows her children well and knows her little twins don't do things alone and are always there for each other. Even with all the fighting, they will always look out for each other. She walks her inside the room and closes the door to lock it. What she is going to tell Anna, must stay between them, if her little girl is going on a quest, she must get her ready.

    To be continued...............

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