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Name: not sure.
Type of gameplay: pve/pvp
Playstyle: Team Player.
Class: Cleric (most likely)
server: NA 
What i want from a guild...First and foremost Financial superiority. Be the most powerful through trade. Active friendly players focused on accomplishing goals and working as a team. A fun friendly atmosphere with mature adults welcoming of new players to the mix. A guild that looks to make friends rather than enemies, as its better for trade to have friends but even i know you need some enemies to slay:) A social guild that doesnt mind that im more of the silent type. I get to know people a few at a time rather than a huge group all at once. I like guilds that have a structured ranking system and a clear way on how to move up in the ranks. Guilds that hold pvp training on a regular is always need a team of well trained killers to defend your shipments and take heads off shoulders in the name of the guild. 

Additional info: I am more of a dungeon monster killer type of a person but i will play any aspect of the game. I try to be involved in anything the guild needs at the time, i will pvp all day long but at the end of the day im usually average as a pvper. Looking to improve my pvp skills overall in this type of game. If the guild stays friendly and active i will be a big player but if the guild slows down and becomes inactive i will move on as a active guild is really important to me. Im looking for a guild with a very little drama as im looking to meet friendly people and enjoy the game. Im currently not playing any specific game as i work a lot right now but i do have a headset and im willing to get in chat when the game drops.


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