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Pre Order Confirmation


I just Pre ordered one of the packs but I receive no email about it, is it normal?
I just have the order history.



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    Hi @VanOhenheim. If you have checked your spam folder and still can't find it then please contact Intrepid support directly. Go to and click on the support diamond on the bottom of the page to create a support ticket. They will be able to help you from there :)
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    I come back to you since I got no news from the support since 22/12/17, should i have something in the dashboard relative to my purchase?

    The only thing I see is the completed status in the Order, addons and upgrade part in my account (and on my bank account :p ), do you know if we should receive something later on or if there really is a bug in my case?

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    This has just been escalated to the Intrepid CS team.
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    Has this issue been resolved? Just wanted to do a quick follow up =)
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