Assiging attribute points when leveling up

I know from videos you can assign skill points upon leveling up, but I think allowing players to assign attribute points would also contribute to diversifying their primary and sub classes.

EQOA took on this approach and I appreciated their irreversible take on it - it also added to the replay value and really made you think prior to allocating the points.

I am hoping that attribute points are also meaningful and influential with respect to combat and that they act as modifiers for damage etc.  I appreciate games that add incentive and reward for hardcore gamers.


  • If you look at the livestream from Dec 15th there is some of what you are asking about shown there. Any other changes will need to be commented/shown by them further down the line. Alpha 0 is under strict NDA, so anyone involved will not be commenting about current builds.
  • I can see the skill points tree being expanded on and fleshed out quite a bit for launch so I see it being like the good old school eq and other MMOs
  • Designing my characters and working out which skills I want and which attributes I want to spend points on and how many is one of the things I love about RPGs from pen and paper DnD on up to the MMOs I play now.  I love being able to design my characters the way I want them.  I can spend over an hour in the character creator in some games getting just the right look for a character.  It takes some of the fun of it away when the game raises your attributes automatically. 
  • I dislike having attribute points to distribute in games. So many people min/max and number crunchers will find an "ideal" setup that everyone is going to cookie cutter copy. 
  • While the idea sounds great, unfortunately in practice it seems as if most people just follow the best plans for distribution that people post online. It would be cool if you could reset them easily and then re-distribute to encourage experimentation but otherwise people will just min-max.
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