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Salutations !!

Hello Everyone!!  Loj1k (Logic) here - New to posting on the forums but not new to AoC :smiley:
Heard about AoC shortly after thier 2nd run at kickstarter and instantly fell in love.  Spent a decent chunk of time playing WoW (10+ years) after a while I kept going back to it like an ex girlfriend only to realize its the same shit every time. Dabbled in a bit of everything from League, Overwatch, Diablo, Black Desert, SWTOR, Destiny, FFXI, GW2, get the point. Needless to say I am extremely excited for this game & plan to main a Rogue, not sure if full assassin is the best option yet but we will see !  Aside from that I consider myself a veteran MMO player. With that being said I'm curious to see what guilds are already forming. Leaning towards something of a Semi-Hardcore PvX Guild - I enjoy both equally!  Throughout my time playing I have made many friends (some for life) .. So I am looking forward to hearing from you & meeting you when this gem gets released!



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