How roleplay will affect Ashes of Creation

There are several types of roleplay around here:

Social RP: Your every day in taverns talking with people and interact with them.
Group RP: 3-4 players on adventure that doesn't stir with politics in the world, usually led by Dungeon Master that may or may not include with the group of friends or just by questing.
Medium-RP: Does not requires strict rules how to roleplay and sometimes against the lore because of the freedom, the guild have minimal effect and little political standing in the world.
Heavy-RP w/o PvP: Pen and Paper roleplay with their own story RP events, big time guilds also interact with other guilds and do control ranging from Vassal House to even single Empire itself out of dozens.
Heaver-RP w/ PvP: Same as mentioned above but uses PvP combat.
Free-style RP: The one who can't keep up texting in battle is usually defeated.
Community RP: Multiple guilds get involved in (world) war, spot-the-person hunt for hundreds of players, witch hunt across the world, competitions held by guilds, even the staff can get involved in this.

The question is that the Dungeon Master can set up instance zone for PvE environment, how passive NPC turn into aggressive NPC to players, narrative storytelling without using raid operation group announcement chat, prop placement, how to interact with such props like chairs, beds, switching wrong lever that causes you to fall into pit filled with crocodiles buttons and levers so you can proceed to next part, is it possible to have Dungeon Master gain freedom in controlling the world in instance zone?

Do we have chat bubbles?

Do we get lot of emotes to use from facial expression to body language?

How much can single RP guild influence the game even lacking in PvP and PvE setting?

Do we get language barriers or do all races speak single universal language?


  • these are questions I'd like to see an answer to as well, massive RP / PvE fan, less so PvP but hell, for a good MMORPG, I'll dive into PvP and pay the subscription
  • Ah now you are speaking my language as you can probably guess I'm a huge RPer and  I would love to have more options for RPs but not much has been shown about the lore of the world and how we all connect so all we can do is sit and wait sadly 

  • We should try to sneak in some of those questions for the next QnA.
    Steven doesn't talk about lore at all, but RP related, who knows.  It would be a fun change to see stuff like that happening, but I doubt honestly that it's easy enough to do to justify it's niche use. After all RPers like us always worked around it and came up with crazy stuff.
  • The more RP tools, the better, frankly.
  • Ariatras said:
    The more RP tools, the better, frankly.
  • Where's @Megs and @Dygz when you need them?!?! :P
  • Kratz said:
    Where's @Megs and @Dygz when you need them?!?! :P
    Would that be around 209 or 210? I lost track after a while 
  • I'm a heavy RPer myself so I'm hoping for a wide range of opportunities both for adventuring and casual. My main concern is how interactive players can be with their environment and other people.

    Having a wide range of animations and objects we can use, as was stated, would be refreshing.

    And if I have a mount, it'd be nice to actually have the mounting animations, instead of ''poof" you're on your mount. 

  • As soon as we can access / see open alpha / beta's we may get answers to a lot of these. After all, testing out if you can sit down is a basic for anyone surely?

    Until then, I personally believe that it'll be a 'sorry I can't say' response.

    I know that these and other RP additions have been requested to the dev team, but no harm in thinking of a lot more!

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