What next?

So I am just wondering what every one is looking forward to see next from the arty guys over at Intrepid.
I would love to see some Dwarven Freeholds and what an actual Metropolis with Dwarven architecture would look like.


  • A fellow Dwarven fan! A mighty hello! I look forward to Dwarven concept arts (of all types). 

    I'm also looking forward to more creature designs. The examples we have seen so far are very impressive and I can't wait for more!
  • Skill tree
  • I'd love to see some more concepts on Breeding, Elves and the various Healer Archetypes.
  • Honestly: weapons, amor and skills. Even though I know it's not gonna happen because of this early state of the game.
  • Yea skills is also what im looking forward too, maybe just a teaser from each class. ;)
  • Probably the thing I'm looking most to right now is the Tulnar, we only saw concept of there sillouettes and we don't even know how they look, considering they are a collective of different races they probably have many different appeareances but I'd love to see a few.
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