Game Access

This game looks interesting to me. What is the best way to get a beta key. I really wish I had have none about this game during pre-alpha. I am trying to find a decent pre-alpha/beta MMO to stream and this one looks to fit the bill. If there is anyway for me to play this as soon as possible so I can better understand the core/lore of the game :D


  • I am also starting to spread the word about the game seeing how it looks to have some unique features other MMO's haven't implemented.
  • Currently the only way to get access to the alpha or beta is through the weekly drawings by registering on the website your entered into the draw :) and alpha is planned for the end of 2017

    we <strong>may</strong> be able to buy access through the kickstarter once that's announced however i dont believe we have confirmation that you will be able to just yet :(
  • Ah man a Kickstarter would be great! I would pump one or two hundred dollars for a kickstarter! Could have a package from 5-I've seen as much as 10,000 dollar kickstart plans!
  • haha yeah, i can't wait to start throwing my money at this game :P, we should have more information regarding the kickstarter soon :)
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