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A Few Issues

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edited February 2018 in Forum and Discord Help
I have a few questions and issues I need some help with.

1. My account is "asuitandty", or "", and this is
how I log in. This is also what shows up on the account portion of the
AoC site. However, when I go to the forums, my name shows up as
"". That is my girlfriend's name. I'm not sure why
it's showing up there, but I'd like it to show up as my name, and I
have no idea how to change it.

2. I kickstarted with the "Warriors of Old" package, which states that
I'll have access to Alpha 2+. When does alpha 2 start?

3. A reward from the "Warriors of Old" package is a forum title that
says "Warriors of Old". How Do I get my this title to show up on my


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