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Is buying kickstarter key legal?

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Hello all. I've been looking for promising MMO last year and somehow I overlooked AoC. I'd  buy that $400 Braver of World package with lifetime sub, but that chance is gone now. Is it possible and legal to get it from someone who bought more of them? I know I can buy preorder packages now but those kickstarter exclusivities are something I'll miss the rest of my future gametime.


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    @Lexmax, @Belle-bot.exe ♡  or one of the other mods should be along shortly to link you Intrepid's official stance on it. Basically it is, "don't"
  • Crowdfunding packages can no longer be purchased through official channels. If you purchase a package from a third party then that transaction is entirely at your own risk and comes without any form of warranty or support from Intrepid Studios or the moderation team.
  • Thank you for the answers.
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