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Linking AoC Website

People just a general question - i linked the Ashes of Creation Website on my old guild Discord Channel, together with another game (Sea of Thieves). 

When i link to the Sea of Thieves website, there is an automatic short description of the game with the link. 
When i link Ashes it doesn't give a description. I really recommend adding that if this is no bug - i am very unknowledgable about these things - but it would help recruiting.

Hope i do not add useless spam to the forum :)


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  • I believe he's talking about adding a meta description tag.  SEO 101 stuff.
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    edited February 2018
    tugowar said:
    I believe he's talking about adding a meta description tag.  SEO 101 stuff.

    Yes i think that is what i mean :) See screenshot
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