Siege engines

I know we saw catapults/trebuchets during kickstarter, but what other siege engines would you all like to see in AoC.  Personally, I hope we see ballistae, siege towers, oil pots, zip lines/zip line ramps, grappling hooks, battering rams, Sambuca, and sapping of walls.  I do know that the lack of gunpowder will make some stuff interesting.  What else might all of you like to see.  Feel free to talk possible tactics and ammunition types for the engines. 


  • HUMAN catapults!

    HUMAN catapult, NOT a bad idea!
  • That would be under the ammunition types, but still a cool idea. Unless you mean a catapult literally made out of humans.

    There is also the possibility of magic based siege engines

  • That thing that the Uruk'hai used in the second lord of the rings movie where they lift a ladder up with tons of guys already on the ladder.

         Siege towers are a must in my opinion, boiling oil pots, battering rams (something sick like the wolfs head in the third lotr movie would be wonderful especially if that big a ram was required to break a metropolis gate. There's a ton of possibilities with siege weaponry. In the end the devs decide but i hope what they give will be great.
  • limited pvp flight? 1 word "catapult" !
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  • These are for a different game, but they show some great ideas.

  • Siege towers, ladders, some kind of explosives (powder keg or some magical stuff) to blow up the walls perhaps :3
  • The summoners golem may have some serious potential for Seiges.
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