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Its been too long... good patrons a question.

I have stepped away from my Braver of Worlds Inn, not much going on there these days, and I have found myself lacking in current events here. That Glumble Wine has left me in a bit of a fog. My question... yes yes... my question. When is it that Bravers Of Worlds are due to enter the game? I dare say it should be Soon™ ? No... my luck isn't what it used to be, or could it be I am turning to a new dawn... full of adventure? I dare not get my hopes up, but I dare ask if there has been rumor... or official word of such? My friends, patrons, adventures with a thirst... such information will be valued to me and rewarded.... please do tell.


  • I think your question is "when is the game launching", but I can't tell.

    If that is the case, best guess is late 2019 or early 2020.
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    @Noaani I fear you have drank more wine than I. For my question is for Alpha 1 access, those souls that were Braver of Worlds or above in the kickstarter... the game has a long time to go... this is true, and 2020 is indeed a good guess. A free beer for you at my bar for the effort! If you can chug it I will give you a dinner on the house as well.
  • I think he is asking when Alpha 1 is because Braver of Worlds gets access to it.
    I have heard that they are currently getting ready for Alpha 1. Steven said so himself.
    Go to the bottom of page one to see his response.
  • @Zastro good man! You have a free room at my Inn and all the wine you can drink! Thank you for your response, it is good to see that this community is still overflowing with awesome. I hope I can pay back the generosity I have received. Be well in your travels. You have my appreciation! 
  • Mazikar said:
    @Noaani I fear you have drank more wine than I.
    Not at all.

    RP speak is no good if what you say obfuscates the message.

    The easy way to ask your question would be "When does alpha 1 start?"

  • @Noaani I would normally apologize here, but not today, for today you learned something. Now you know what it means to be a Braver of Worlds. Congratulations!  
  • @Mazikar I will definitely take you up on your offer some day! I have recently become a Braver of Worlds myself and look forward to the many adventures we may share!
  • Welcome back @Mazikar, Alpha 1 is slated for sometime this year but no specific date has been given. The current speculation is that a date may be announced at PAX East, starting early April. We can only hope :blush:
  • @lexmax good to see you old friend. I hope all is well. April sounds good indeed, I need to start looking for a good spot to set up shop. If you happen to see something keep me in mind, I do pay well for such information. I hope to see you in-game soon good sir. 
  • Good to see you too old friend :)
  • The first Alpha which is supposed to begin sometime this year  :3
  • Glad to see you return @Mazikar
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