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edited March 2018 in Forum and Discord Help
Several of us noticed a poll we believed to be very relevant to all players was buried back in last summers discussions. We recreated it and it received a huge response in a matter of hours. I logged on today to find that not only had the new comments been moved into the old version and the new version removed, But ALL the new results have been destroyed. We may not be as competent as we could be at managing the forums tools but this feels like a gross misconduct by the moderator who destroyed our feedback to each other and buried a great pol where newcomers will never have the time to find it. GL and no response is needed. 


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    Good afternoon,

    You will need to provide me some data to go off here in order to investigate further. Please tell me the title of the posts in question. It is very well possible that an edit was performed by the Op and the SPAM bot garbbled it. It is hard to say what occured until I have more details to locate the post itself. Could you please DM me in discord so we can look at it.

    thank you,
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    I believe i have identified the poll in question. It looks like the 2 had been merged as they were indeed same topic polls. I have went in and broken the 2 back apart just now. 
    In reference to gross misconduct f a moderator, I am not finding grounds to state that as the moderator was using a system tool designed to merge discussions, polls, questions etc that did not work as intended. As I shared, I have restored both polls to previous state so there should now be no loss in data etc. If you have any additional concerns regarding the two posts, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

    thank you,

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    Thank you for the speedy response and action. It was unexpectedly thorough and efficient.
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