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Pre-Order Pack Help.

I am probably not using a good title for this, and likely asking for something impossible.. but worth a try.  I bought the Pre-Order Expeditionary Pack last month and then decided I kind of want Alpha 2 as well and upgraded to Voyager not long after.  I possessed not one tiny interest in Stufferton or the Swan or that stuff.. and didn't even really know about, or think about the change over to the new stuff this month.

Basically, what I am asking is for the possibility to remove the packs I got last month into this months?  All of the stuff this months is fantastic and suits me entirely more than last months.. I hate birds and the Stuffed bear month doesn't do it for me whatsoever.

I know it is a fairly unreasonable request for such a tiny thing, and most people will just say. "Suck it up and buy the new stuff separately."  But.. I'd rather not spend extra money if I can help it, ideally I just want this months 250 pack instead.

Do let me know whenever possible regardless of the answer, or simply message me here or on discord at Svalinn on your channel.  Regardless of the result, thanks for looking it over when you guys get the chance.


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