soul weaver speculation

TeloniusTelonius Member ✭✭
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i very much enjoy the archetype title "soul weaver", my mind is immediately brought to the possibilities of being an A.O.E based tank, or perhaps a healer that uses their own life bar to heal others and magic bar to heal themselves, maybe even a support specializing in zone of control maintenance for the tanks. i just wanted to know if i'm the only one that thinks these things or if soul weavers are just a name that's being hated right now. . . also wanted to know of any ideas as to what the Bard/cleric play style might end up being.


  • FerrymanFerryman Member ✭✭✭
    It will most likely be support with pinch of healing, so you can definitely forget that tank dream. And yeah it is just another name to hate. ;-)
    Need a ride to the underworld?
  • TeloniusTelonius Member ✭✭
    lol yeah; didn't really think they were gonna tank but with a title like "soul weaver" you know they gonna have some hella AOE to throw in the mix :) and darn. . . i like that name
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