AoC Comic: Antics of Creation #004

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Hi folks,
I've been out a while; my great job with a wonderful team came to its inevitable end when we lost our government funding, and I've been busy working several part-time positions in the interim. Still, I've been dedicated to this comic project, and I've written a script that I am very excited to see come alive for the community.  Please bear with my release schedule, and I'll keep doing my best~

Feedback always appreciated.  Hope you enjoy!

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  • DiuraDiura Moderator alpha-stress-tester
    Love love love your work x! Absolute joy to see your comic strips! <3

  • BraneGamesBraneGames Member alpha-stress-tester
    Amazing work as always!
    In Stuffertons we trust
  • VoxoVVoxoV Member alpha-stress-tester
    Thank you both!
  • ZinnieZinnie Member, Alpha 0 Participant, The Phoenix Initiative, Alpha 1 Stress Test Phoenix Initiate
    As brilliant as always! Can't wait for the next edition :smiley:

  • VoxoVVoxoV Member alpha-stress-tester
    Zinnie said:
    As brilliant as always! Can't wait for the next edition :smiley:
    Many thanks, and yeah, aiming to get the next one one much sooner.
  • JigoroKanoJigoroKano Member ✭✭✭
    nice :D
    There is a Hell belive me I´ve seen it There is a Heaven let´s keep it a secret. 
    Crucify me!
    ~Bring me the Horizon 
  • SavageFurySavageFury Member
    Love this work!!!
  • VoxoVVoxoV Member alpha-stress-tester
    Love this work!!!
    Thanks! I just finished the line work for the next page; I'm going to try writing a single narrative storyline, so hopefully the jokes and characters come across with more impact (and consistency).  Looking forward to sharing more soon~
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