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Hello all!

Hello all!

I just discovered Ashes, and I’m still diving through the information available! A fantasy-themed sandbox with player cities and an environment with consequences to player choices sounds aces to me, and I really hope for the game’s success.

In the past, I played Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2, Guild Wars, Landmark, Star Trek Online, Eve Online, Final Fantasy 14, and Elder Scrolls Online. I got tired of MMOs though, and lately I split my time between Skyrim, Civ VI, and an absurd amount of Kerbal Space Program. I guess I’m all over the place when it comes to gaming, but I’ve ALWAYS wished for a game like Ashes.

I do some recreational level design with the Unreal engine, and I’m excited to see UE4 being used to make an MMO. I have a YouTube channel with about 7 hours of tutorial videos for using Unreal, and looking into this game’s development is making me want to jump back into it again! :) Kudos to the team working on the backend!

Anyway, I’m eager to see the conversation on the forums evolve as development continues, and cheers to everyone! :)



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