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Guild Name: Hands of Fate
Website: Hands of Fate Website
Discord: The Dungeon Crawler Network Community Discord
Leader: Aggelos, Arkhaniir, Stormzlord
Server: North American Datacenter
Focus: Progression Raiding, Small Scale PvE, Crafting/Gathering, Node Based PvP (Open World), Community Growth
Timezone: NA, EU, & OCE Based Timezone Events Scheduled

About Hands of Fate

Hands of Fate is the Ashes of Creation chapter of The Dungeon Crawler Network, a gaming community forged by the listeners of our gaming podcasts. We have created an amazing gaming community and family! Come be a part of it!

We cover a wide range of gaming preferences from PC to Console. We have developed a community that ranges from the super casual to the cutting edge of hardcore players and we strive to create an environment where we can support all play styles while enjoying each others company!

Community Focused

Founded by The Dungeon Crawler Network. We are backed by over five years of community building around our shows and our amazing members! Come be part of a great family! Be sure to check out all the shows we do over as DungeonCrawlerNetwork.com!

Guild Family

We are a family here. We protect and support our members! By joining us, you are joining our family and we will help to achieve your goals in the game while we strive to thrive as a guild in Ashes of Creation and out of it.


Hands of Fate & The Dungeon Crawler Network strives to maintain a very high level of respect and maturity in everything we do. We want to create a welcoming community and have zero tolerance for disrespectful members.

Inclusive By Rule Exclusive When Necessary

We cater events to all types of play styles! From the super casual to the bleeding edge of hardcore gamers! We want to create an inclusive community where anyone can find their niche and be part of a great community while we do it!

You Get Out What You Put In

Our in-house developed Participation System allows you, the guild member, to advance within the guild ranks and earn points to be used to “purchase” guild supplies. With each rank you advance, more permissions and resources will be made available to you and will provide you a guaranteed form of advancement within our guild.

Premiere Ashes of Creation Podcast

Home of the premiere Ashes of Creation podcast, From The Ashes! Come hang out with the hosts of the oldest and longest running show dedicated to Ashes of Creation!

Looking to Join Hands of Fate?

If you are interested, pop into The Dungeon Crawler Network Community Discord and get to know our awesome community! If you like when you see, head on over to our guild website listed below and fill out an application! The Hands of Fate leadership will review your application and get back to you via Discord! We are more then a guild, we are a home for like-minded gamers!

Discord: The Dungeon Crawler Network Community Discord
Website: Hands of Fate

We will see you in Ashes of Creation!
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