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What we want to see...

Hi Im a huge supporter of this project.  I don’t usually post much but I love to follow. I have pieced together a few wishes and concerns that I will share with you guys that I would love to see addressed.

My main concern about this project is how little info there is about it.

 I understand that the Ashes team has released pretty much enough information to collectively wet our mmo appetites, But I thought this is a different type of game, one for gamers by gamers.  So please tell us what is going on with crafting, npc interactions, and guilds and so on. Even if it is not in the final game at least we have an idea where the game might be going.

Second I don’t want to be driven to a store to buy crap for the game…. I hate micro purchases and play to win or just play to look a little cooler.  If it is a money thing, raise the subscription a few bucks.    I want full access to all the game content if I pay for a subscription. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a promo gift for beta testers or something like that.  I just know if I’m going to have to exit a store page every time I log in or be hounded with offers I will eventually leave.

Last concern is time, good grief time.  You have a huge community of fans already, many have talents that would help speed your game along use us. Many fans with the ability would help create content like models and quest lines, music and so on just to be mentioned as a contributor to this project.

Things I would love to see…..

Specialized guilds Ran by players

Thieves guild a small group of rogues that struggle for dominance with other rogue groups. For pickpocket cuts from certain territory or bribes and so. Maybe leads for robberies.

Rangers guilds form and protect small wilderness outposts for protection money from inns and trade posts.

Crafter guilds maybe get bonuses or make trade agreements with other nodes and guilds.

Merc Guilds In most games I rarely see more than 50 members of a guild on at one time these guilds can help make the siege battles truly epic.  Plus they can run protection for player caravans and npc ones.

Religious orders, Wizards guilds, Assassins guilds.


A very robust magic system …

Component magic,  some just to make trade more interesting… Blood magic, Spirt guides, Rune magic for crafting, questing of finding unknown spells would be cool.


NPC hirelings you mentioned having vendors sell for you lets go further 

House hold staff

Guards for guilds, Homes, caravans, and so on…

Mercs for raids similar to Mount and blade don’t get me wrong I don’t want armies of npcs following every player just for certain events.


An more intuitional crafting system where players can experiment a little. You know, I’m a master smith what does adding the essence of a fire elemental do when crafting a blade type stuff.

Player driven monsters

To add spice to the game make playable monsters and maybe make a deal with some of your beta testers or something.  Give them a free month if they play the creature for say 4 hours a week or something.

Example you offer George a free mo to play a monster npc for 5 hours a week.  You give him a lv 20 werewolf his job is to hunt down players at night.  He is intelligent so more dangerous than your average mob.  Maybe make him a sub boss that drops a cool item.  I sucks being murdered so maybe give all his victims a 1 time wolf form skill, if someone kills him then give them a temp wolf form skill once a day till they die and maybe a rare drop.

A group of about 50 players in a program like this would add a lot of flavor to the game … Rare enough to night be a daily occurrence but often enough so players can encounter them every once in a while.

Guild Quest or rewards for leveling

Special Mounts

Special Guards

Special vendors low lv alchemist or smith at reduced costs

Special Halls

You get the idea…


World of mystery

Make the players discover stuff .  I don’t want my hand held for quests make us work for it a little I know there are going to be walk threws but don’t  put them in the game and please don’t make all of them simple go the this loc and kill this guy or give me 10 rat tails.  Those quests should exist and have their place but make sure that is not all there is.

 I could go on for hours, I feel this is a good place to start.







  • I get that just looking at the main page may give you the impression that not much is known about the direction of the game, but you would be wrong. Please watch the over 40 hours of livestreams and interviews, read the wikis, and look at compendiums of quoted information. Most of your wants and desires have already been addressed. I will give you a couple links to get you started.
  • I Have been reading most of that.  I get the node system that is what brought me here. The monster-coin system is intriguing and I love the Wiki.  I just had some thoughts. 
  • There is quite a lot of information given that the game is not even properly in alpha yet and it steadly flows from streams so you just got to equip yourself with some patience and maybe try to anticipate what the devs are planning :3
  • Yeah patience is not a virtue in my arsenal... I just want to see a truly awesome mmo before I die. Before 2020 seems so far off. I hate to have to buy a new computer just to play but I think this one will be obsolete by then.
  • Well by that time your pc might be obsolete for other games so might aswell start saving now ;) 
  • jumin0 said:
    Yeah patience is not a virtue in my arsenal... I just want to see a truly awesome mmo before I die. Before 2020 seems so far off. I hate to have to buy a new computer just to play but I think this one will be obsolete by then.
    "The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it."   ---- Arnold H. Glasow

    The same goes for a good game!  
  • Well the amount of passion you have for ashes is clear ^^ 
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