Official Livestream - June 4th @ 3 PM PST - Q&A thread

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Hey, everyone! 
Once again we’re collecting questions to answer during the June 4th Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PST/PDT.

Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please, only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. 

Thanks for your help!
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  • UnknownSystemErrorUnknownSystemError Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    Can you give information on the warehousing system that will allow us to trade items and currency between alts, but will not allow people to bypass the caravan system and banking systems to move items and currency helping restrict RMT and gold sellers?
  • GigabearGigabear Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    Will there be profession perks, such as potions only a dedicated alchemist who makes them can use, or bigger and better mounts for player deep into animal husbandry?
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  • AshoneAshone Member alpha-stress-tester
    Are you at your bigger studio yet? Could we get a tour?
  • Santy182Santy182 Member alpha-stress-tester
    What are the other ways, besides death to get rid of corruption?

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  • blu3birdblu3bird Member
    edited June 4
    How will you handle multiple languages (for chat and partying, not game translation) in Europe? Will there be a preferred language for each server, will there be an individual chat channel for each major language, or will we get just one big chat channel in which everyone speaks whatever language they want?
  • nagashnagash Member alpha-stress-tester
    When can we expect to hear about new lore 

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  • MalgusMalgus Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    Hi guys 
    Will there be a currency cap to avoid mass inflation as we seen in other games that one bug/exploit can break the markets. If they will be no cap how would you tackle mass inflation.
  • JohnDruittJohnDruitt Member
    I am very interested in religion system. Could you give me an example of interaction betwean two players on different positions in hierarchy? 
  • xilodonxilodon Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    What kind of plan do you have to implement a robust anti-cheat into the game? Since the economy is going to be such a central element with no soulbinding of most items, protecting the game from exploits and bots used to accumulate wealth is critical for the game to survive at launch. 

    Watching bots exploit client side player position management to instantly teleport and hand in trade packages was a huge turn off at the launch of Archeage (second only to the gross p2w elements), and it's going to take a lot of development and customer service (for player reporting) resources to keep up with the amount of botting and exploiting that will happen early on.

    edit: Thanks for answering on the stream, it sounds like a lot of thought was put into being able to analyze unusual player behavior from the ground up, which is reassuring this early in development.
  • DavlosDavlos Member Phoenix Initiate
    edited June 4
    If managed improperly, a player-centric MMO economy is at risk of runaway inflation if destruction/loss cannot keep up with wealth accumulation. The design vision of "meaningful conflict" has been spoken of many times over, but how much pain/loss do you intend to inflict on those who lose battles/conflicts to keep the economy in equilibrium with accumulation?

    From the scale of World of Warcraft to Ultima Online, how much will it hurt? 
  • AutumnLeafAutumnLeaf Member alpha-stress-tester
    Will there be teleportation magic and/or magical barriers ?
  • PachaPacha Member alpha-stress-tester
    Since we'll have two weapon slots (primary and we cam switch to secondary), will all the weapons show on our characters, wether we are currently using them or not? For example: if I have my sword and shield set currently on, but I'd have my greatsword (secondary set) showing on my back.
  • T-ElfT-Elf Member alpha-stress-tester
    Do we need blueprints to build our Freehold; and if so, how do we obtain them?

  • KandyKandy Member alpha-0-rank
    edited June 4
    We had a small talk today about crouch and prone systems in other games.
    IS there going to be anything like that in the game since it would add immersion to the stealth system?

    PS: send nodes
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  • eibtecheibtech Member
    What kind of preemptive measures are you wanting to have in place at launch to prevent  the backlash that a recent mmorpg launch has had? 
  • tugowartugowar Member Phoenix Initiate

    Do you expect to have PvP titles earned through a ladder?  For example, the person who has the most honorable kills in a week unlocks a title like High Warlord or Grand Marshal for example.

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  • CaelronCaelron Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    Since traditionally, invisibility is just a combination of really good hide and move silently skills, will NPCs (patrols, guards, creatures, monsters, etc.) have eyes and ears to see/hear us?
    (Think a baseline of how creatures run away or attack you based on hearing you or seeing you in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
  • ds35422ds35422 Member
    Node system: part 3... When? :wink:

  • PsyM3XPsyM3X Member
    The game has a very promising premise but that premise is very dependent on the servers population to work correctly. Can you give some examples of solutions you have in place for a small population early or later in the game's life.
  • GriffithGriffith Member alpha-stress-tester
    How difficult will guards be to fight within a node and how difficult will guards be while escorting a caravan?
  • CylverRayneCylverRayne Member alpha-0-rank
    My question is about the interface. 
    Will fonts in chat and quest lists be adjustable?  Also,  will you consider making    the background of chat windows and such adjustable as to transparency.   Many people have issues with glare and certain colors. 

    Thank you
  • ashlynmaeashlynmae Member alpha-stress-tester
    How many characters can a player create at game release?  Please :-) 
  • MasterSinbadMasterSinbad Member alpha-stress-tester
    edited June 4
    Would you consider making weapons and armor less embellished with flares such as wings? (AKA the Amerime styling) I think most of the community is turned off by wings on our bows and shields. A turn toward realism would be helpful here!
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  • FarceofNatureFarceofNature Member alpha-stress-tester
    I seem to remember at one point or another there was mention of a mobile app linked to the game.  Could you go into details on what features you plan on implementing on this app?

    Or did I imagine the entire thing?
  • AntigoneAntigone Member
    Will it be possible to create customized mods to the User inteface, developed by the community?
    Like it has been possible for some other games.
  • NahBruhNahBruh Member
    How exactly will we be able to use the environment for sieges, Caravan PvP, etc.? Such as felling a tree to cut off a caravan or waiting in a tree for the caravan to go by to set up the perfect ambush. Or maybe setting up a "moat" style thing around the castle to help ward off attackers.
  • PinkberryPinkberry Member alpha-stress-tester
    Will there be life skills gained by experience like for example gardening, sailing and fishing? Or be all lumped in with the artisans class that you have to put points into?
  • HannibalHannibal Member, Alpha 0 Participant alpha-0-rank
     Will we have the ability through quests or otherwise to become werewolves, vampires or some other mythical form such as liches?  If not, why? 
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