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Character Progression-Theorycraft

Hello All,

Character progression is something that I care a lot about in my MMORPG's. Having a character that I can develop is a big part of a game for me. The way AoC adds the element of node progression is a revolutionary twist to the genre. My question to you, my fellow AoC fans, is how would you like character development to proceed?


  • If any game could have a combination of D&D with how in-depth spells and talents are with the flexibility of a chose your own adventure game where you can find new spells and abilities or even better combine spells to make your own that only you have, I would say that would be the best MMO over 
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    Slow-:Level Progression.
    less emphasis on Gear
    • In Some MMOs, Gear is the sole-deciding factor ... which sucks big time
    Horizontal Progression
    • Starting-off with a variety of was to " train your character " . ThenBeing able to in-depth in each of those varieties
    finding abilities ( kudos to @nagash
    No mission trackers/ no quests markers above NPCs Head ... or any other indicator
    Crafting Abilities ( like Alchemy & WitchCraft )

    EDIT: i could definitely add-on to this too

    In short, i see Ashes of Creation being a slow-paced game. Combat being Mid-paced, but slightly favoring Slow-pace ( at the beginning of the game ... not like FFXIV ). I think Ashes will promote Exploration mainly due to how Nodes are ( one of ) the Main Attraction of the MMORPG. I can definitely see " some downtime " being a thing too . But due to how Sporadic everything will be , i don't think it'll be predictable & dull.

    I will say that i STILL think the Guild Fair & Early Guild Recruitment might've ruin the aspect of ... " no factions = Players choose their Allegiance/ Allies. But its was alright
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