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It's (War) Hammer Time! (Input from Devs would be appreciated, so I can sleep at night!)

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edited July 2018 in Ashes of Creation Design
Out of all the confirmed weapon types either announced or shown in artwork, I've seen very little in the way of battle hammers. 
Maces, yes, for certain.   But the only instance of a war hammer I've been able to spot is in this character artwork, where it appears the first Dwarf has a hammer of some type:

So my question is this, will we have war/battle hammers in Ashes? 
One handed hammers and Two handed hammers?

Or is the category of "Maces" currently the placeholder for all blunt damage melee weapons that include things like hammers, flails, and morning-stars? 

A dwarf has got to know these things. 
Not knowing is driving me to drink!


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