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Founder's pack for $150 Status' is cancelled??

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Last year I bought the Founders pack for $150 for the Alpha 2 access.
Now it tells me the status is "cancelled"... WHAT?!
Is this for real? Or is this just a mistake? I was hyped for the Alpha 2.. Can anyone give me answers?


  • Hi Cooleracc - where did you read that?  I have a pack, and reading your concern, want to check the status of mine since having bought it, AoC have made no contact with me even by generic email to update me on the test stages and my promised involvement.  Simply appears that they've taken the money but haven't bothered to consider those of us supporting them enough to drop emails our way - even the most basic of businesses appreciate that they keep their 'stakeholders' in the loop with direct emails.  Hell, i didn't even receive and acknowledgement that they were aware i had bought anything
  • Haven't done anything but it says it was cancelled
  • So you got issues aswell huh? Did they fix it?
  • ...and no information to explain the change?  Having checked mine, it states completed - They've not bothered to engage with their financial supporters

    The lack of communications here leads to enormous anxiety.  No business model should force the stakeholder base to publicly resort to question there own involvement.  

    I support your concern here fella.  It is unacceptable
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    I'd hit this up

    or, quicker would be from your account page, you'll see bottom right a support button.  hit that, type in cancelled order (no results available) - hit contact us

  • Yea I already did bro.. Hopefully they are anwering.. I am not that active in forums in gerneral but I will be telling you when I get answers man - (at least when i don't forget to tell you.)

  • very similar, hope you get the answer you need
  •  Is indeed the correct course of action for account level and store purchase issues.

  • Thank you guys! hopefully they will answer me
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