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Hi! Newbee here.


Aug 19, 19:39 BST

Hi! Victor Ledney 27y. (ENG.GER.RUS.UKR) 
ZBCstudioq - In Dota2 was a semi pro. After started organizing Dota 2 tournaments and pushing e-sports in my region. 
Playing PUBG from Early access - TOP 100-300 EU TPP and FPP Solo 
Playing Leagues like GLL, HotdropGG. 2700+ hours. Name: Shit_is_Real
Getting a lot i highlight videos with shroud, doc and other top plyayers:

Now i stream PUBG and focus on social media & content creation.
YouTube, Twitch and public (worked with torrent-games, h0lyhexor, Stream Wall, EEGdota, Generalqw, Empire Esports) Now i stream full time PUBG


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