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Hello AoC Community :)

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edited August 2018 in The Newly Arrived
I'm new to the forum and thought, i'll make a short stop and introduce myself : I started a long time ago with Conquer Online (don't know, if anyone knows this game actually), played WoW a few months, same with Aion and Tera.
Told myself, i'll never touch a MMORPG again (too much time and cash you have to invest). Well, that was my intent at least. As soon as i heard about ESO, i was hooked on again. Played ESO since Beta for a few years before moving on to BDO.
Never thought, i'll be on a Hype Train again after Eso !  Well, Ashes of Creation did the almost impossible and here i am now ! *waves* 
Can't wait to log into this beautiful game and annoy my hubby with countless hours and days/months/years of AoC addiction  B):#


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