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I did this over at the RP forums, so I figure, might as well get one up and running here, too, since there seems to be a lack of one.

The Word Association Game. As the name implies, the way this game works is that someone starts the game by offering up a word of short phrase, and the respondent should reply with whatever word or phrase came to mind when they saw it. As a rule, these games stay strictly PG-13, and as a matter of courtesy, a person should always refrain from responding until there have been at least two responses since they've done so last. The sole exception to that is if the thread grinds to a complete halt for more than a solid day, and even then you should never respond to your own comment. Games like these are a great idea for forums because they can be played even if you literally just have a minute or two of free time, and give you reason to poke your head in on the forums and maybe catch something new going on elsewhere. So, without further ado, I will get this ball rolling with the first word.



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