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Lets talk about Overall-Combat ideas

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Soooo ... when i posted this was really an afterthought .
I should've posted this Thread sooner ... but its never too late ( i guess )

I was just wondering what are you thoughts on it ? 
  • Does it sound like a Drag ?
  • Meh ?
  • don't really care ?
  • idk  ?
  • sounds good ?
I know intrepid will make something better - but its just something I'm curious about. How would you go-about Combat ? What would you like Combat to be ?


  • Eragale said:
    What if  other “ Hitboxes “ were activated on another Plane(s)-Levels ? 
    ( such as ... in the Air/ Atmosphere level ? )
    Are you asking about that? I had to search the thread to find what I assume is the right post.

    I don't think I understand what your are trying to propose. It did remind me of the meteor skill in archeage. Is what you were proposing similar to the video below?

    Bubble trap: single target hard cc, damage breaks the target free, lifts target into the air, burning targets are lifted higher

    Meteor: ground target aoe damage

    In this video, the player used bubble trap to lift the mob into the air, and then cast meteor on the position of the mob in the air because if they had cast it on the ground, it would have appeared to the side of the bubbled mob and landed below, thus, not hitting it.
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    Eragale said:
    " Soooo ... when i posted this was really an afterthought ... "
    With this in mind, please don't take this Thread seriously .

    Well, I'm not referencing any Game. And there's not enough info within that Video to explain it tbh. But I'll try to find some videos

    In this link
    • Notice how there's alot of back-&-forth ( via magical projectiles ) ... but none of the other Areas in the Environment is being in use
    • and 5:25 there's some additional back -&-forth ( ends at 0:44 ... not the Commentary but just the whats displayed on the Screen )
    • See how its very Basic not really making use of the other Areas surrounding the target nor the User ? I mean i know its probably one of the worse examples because WoW is Tab-target, but i can't really think of much else tbh
    But at the same time, not entirely getting rid of this simplicity 

    However i don't want abilities filling-up / clogging the whole screen in Large-Scale PvP either

      Ability ( or abilities )  with multiple variations ... depending on where its chosen to be activated at via Player's Choice. Combat being more observative in the surroundings while fighting. While giving slight preference to Action-combat , tab-target can make use of it too via ... some tab-target abilities have " action-combat-like " characteristics 
    such as
    • Attack following target ( ... just not basic/ normal attacks )
    • leaping to target
    • pulling a (single) target  
    • pushing a single target
    • AoE DMG at a Target's Location
    • etc .... ( i'm probably missing some )
  • I still don't understand what your idea is.
  • @Seaber to add more tactics, but on more of " 3D Scale " . And Action-Combat unlocks the potential for that ... but it must be " tamed "

    That is my idea xD 
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