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Housing, PvP, Mounts, Recalling, POV as it relates to Ultima Online? (questions/suggestions) HELP!

Dear AOC team and other future AOC players, I have a lot of questions/suggestions related to AOC and I hope if your know any of the answers to my questions you'll post a response. I hope the dev team looks heavily into the features below as I haven't seen better versions of these features in any other MMO. 

My favorite MMO of all time is Ultima Online. I have high hopes for AOC. 

I have some questions/suggestions related to the development of Housing, PvP, Mounts, Recalling, and POV in AOC. 

-random question about in game items
(will in game items be able to be set onto the ground? Will they then decay off of the ground after some time?)

-I beg you to look heavily into the Ultima Online housing system. The freehold sounds similar.

In Ultima Online.
-You can place a plot anywhere in the open world that isn't blocked by trees, rocks, roads, ect.
(does the freehold in AOC work the same?)

-Once you place this plot you can "lock down" and "secure" items anywhere within that plot.
(does the freehold in AOC work the same?)

-You can click the house sign and enter a menu to "customize the house". There you can choose various themes for wall types, door types, window types, stairs, floor tiles ect. You can mix and match them and you pay gold to construct the house you design. This leads to no two houses ever looking the same.
(does the freehold in AOC work the same?)

-You also have all the in-game house design items you can get by playing the game(loot, buy them, construct them, special rewards, limited time items, stealables in dungeons, ect.)
(will AOC have items that work the same?)

-The best part about Ultima Online housing is the decay system. If a player is inactive from their house for 1 month. The house goes "idoc" or "in danger of collapsing". Then it falls down 24 hours later and all the items inside fall to the ground. This feature ended up creating an entire ecosystem based around "idocing". Players scower the map and mark runes to idoc houses. Then huge battles are fought up until the house falls over the loot that is inside. 
(will AOC have a idoc system? and the items in the house fall to the ground to be looted?)

-flagging system
-In Ultima Online there is a simple flag mechanic. If your inoccent your blue, criminal your grey, and murderer(means you have killed 4 or more innocent people) you are red. If you attack an innocent you go grey. In the innocent dies, you get a murder count. Grey timer lasts 2 minutes. 
Gray/red players can be attacked by anyone without penalty. If someone attacks an innocent in town they die instantly. Anywhere not safe you have to run or fight to survive. If your warring factions or guilds then your orange to each other and the flagging system above doesn't apply and you can fight anywhere.
(Is the flagging system in AOC the same?)

-player looting and death
-in Ultima Online you have bless deeds that allow players to "bless" any purely cosmetic item. All other items remain on your corpse to be looted by anyone. If you were innocent you corpse is blue and looting it causes other people to go criminal(grey). This makes your loot more valuable. Stuff like rare house decorations looted of monsters in dungeons create massive fights. People loot the items of each others bodies ect. 
(will AOC looting be the same way)

-How will targeting other players work in AOC?

-Will all mounts have the same movement speed in AOC? (please say yes otherwise its negative impact on pvp)

-Can you pvp on your mount (please say yes, otherwise we have to dismount everytime we see someone.)

-Will their be skills or items that can dismount people?

-Will their be mounts that can fight monsters or other players (animal tamer pvp?)

-In Ultima Online there is a recalling/gating system. You keep a "runebook" and you buy a rune. You can cast a "mark" spell and target the rune. Then you can rename the rune and put it into your runebook. (runebooks are blessed, they stay with you even after you die) When you open your runebook you can choose to "recall" or "gate" to any location your marked previously. Recall take you alone to the location. Gate opens a 20 second gate that allows anyone to go into it, taking them to the location. (you can stand on or put an item to block the runes location if your an enemy stopping people from coming temporally.)
(will AOC have a recalling system like this?)

Point Of View
-Will AOC offer other views such as overhead(like league or Ultima Online view) or first person like call of duty? 


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    Pov is third person over the shoulder with adjustable camera. There is no first person and they gave the reason for that is a whole nother set of animations that they have to do if they went with both available. No top down like a MOBA. All the other questions you have asked have been addressed multiple times. I will link resources for you to begin your wonderful information adventure.
  • As a lot of your questions have to do with housing: @Jahlon dedicated a whole video to this topic that summarizes what we know so far:

    There won't be something like Recalling as we will have very limited options of fast travel.
  • As for the flagging system it will be something like this:

  • Nice thanks for all the info guys!
  • yes. i recommend watching @Jahlon videos. pretty great descriptions of whats going on
  • I am a huge Ultima Online fan too, it was my first MMO.

    After quite a bit of reading, I am pretty certain that no one from the dev team was involved with UO development and that Steven does not seem to have played Ultima Online. I therefore doubt there will be direct influences from UO.

    However, not all is lost! Steven has stated on several occasions that he was a big fan of Lineage 2 and Archeage. These games had some very cool sandbox features which are similar to Ultima Online (and were propably inspired by UO); such as PVP mechanics, housing, vendors, crafting, etc etc.

    Some of the devs have also been involved with the development of the old Star Wars Galaxies. This game had a fantastic trade/craft system and it will influence the trade and crafting of AoC. It was even better then UO.

    As for answers to your specific questions; the most accurate information you will find will be here -

    Give it a good read and you will be up to speed with all that we know about AoC thus far.

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