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One More Player Introduction

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Soulune, here!
I wanted to introduce myself as it's uncommon for me to be active on forums... Unless I'm creating a class guide or promoting my stream/PvP videos (which I do very rarely).

For Ashes of Creation, I opted for a different approach and I want to contribute in over-all development and community projects. There are many people who believe the MMORPG genre's future falls heavily on AoC -- and I don't want it to fail.

My background is in network/software engineering and I currently work in the pen-testing/IT management field. I love to argue combat concepts and design, with a focus on Player vs. Player gameplay.

You'll probably find me in-game as a solo-player or leading a very small/elite PvP guild, focused on killing PKers and defending the innocent (...mostly because PKers are super fun to fight ^_^)! I'll also be perpetually in a duel, since my main love is testing/pushing the combat-mechanic system to it's absolute max.

I hope to see you all on the battlefield! <3


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