My Alpha 1 Stress Tests Experience

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Nothing too in-depth, but an experience.  It was good.


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    "jidder-drop" :pensive:
    Great little video, I enjoyed it.. I like hearing about other people experience that is more then "looked good, k, bye".. heh.

    I hear you on FPS and Battle Royal games... I have been in one in years (Planetside 1/2), and never got into any of the new popular ones. I blame my old system, circa 2011.. With the newest piece of equipment being the Geforce 760. Not a horrid card but new cards blow it away. That and I game on a trackball..

    Im still looking forward to Ashes though.. Just got to get my system out of the stone age. heh
  • I enjoyed the video, thank you. It was nice to see a video that was more then 'was nice looking, k, bye'.. :smile: 
    I hear you on the FPS thing, I never got into any of the newer arena games. I guess mainly my core system is circa 2011, and I play on a trackball. Time to bring my computer out of the stoneage I guess.

    [Note: No clue where my first reply went.. It went poof. :-/ ]

  • glad to hear the stress testing is getting better each iteration. 
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