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Something original

but for the life of me, can`t come up with anything ! So, HELLO EVERYONE ! I am a noob, I know nothing about how an online game works but I watched a trailer on youtube for this beautiful adventure and my first thought was / I want this, I want to be a part of this world.Now I am confused / how do I get to play, like, right now, today ? It looks amazing. Please do not male fun of me, I only ever played SP games, I am a 33 year old woman from Hungary and have no idea where to start.Checked the store, not sure what is beta2 or all the other options, so if someone would be so kind to tell me / what do i need to do to start playing and will I be able to play until the game is finally out or is this only for some very skilled experienced players ? Thank you !


  • Howdy! Welcome to the wait. Right now it is in very early/pre alpha tests, they're still using NDAs for stress testers. We have a little longer to wait for the full Alpha and much longer still for Beta.

    Here is a proposed timeline:

  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
  • Welcome @cmmon! Spent a while in Budapest during my uni days and it truly is a wonderful city full of wonderful people. This community is also full of wonderful people....some living....some....not. Sounds like you have a wealth of reading ahead of you and I encourage you to being here Have fun :)
  • Welcome to Ashes! They're just about to launch Alpha 1 in the last week of this month after the stress tests, but access to it has already been sold out. You can still, however, get access to Alpha 2 or the Beta's through the store. No experience or skill level required, just a willingness to support the game in it's early stages. And a credit card.
  • Hello there.

    Since you are new to MMORPGs, you most likely are not familiar with the terminology.

    Ashes of Creation is currently still in development with an scheduled release before 2020.

    There is an Alpha 1 testing currently. Alpha 1 is an early testing phase. So far we had Alpha 0 and now Alpha 1. Upcoming phases are Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2, followed by release.

    Each testing phase has a focus. For instance, Alpha 0 was general stability and node progression, Alpha 1 is testing server stability and action combat.

    Alpha 2 can be considered as "Early Access" in Single Player games. You pay to get in earlier and try the game while it is being developed.

    Beta 1 and Beta 2 will most likely be final testing for server performance and bugs.
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to the community! I'm new as well!
  • Welcome aboard! Lots of wonderful people in the community.
    [I'd tell you my age, but I'm starting to feel like the old man of the forums.. :smile:  ]
  • Welcome to the community cmmon :) as said, Ashes is currently in its Alpha stage so isn't quite ready for release yet. So far release is estimated before atleast 2020. You're welcome to purchase a package and try beforehand if you're interested. 
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Welcome to the brotherhood
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    as @FliP filled in the blanks,
    I will merely say...
    Welcome Home.
    Join us on the hype couch until release sometime before 2020.

    Alternatively, there are various packages that give you access to various stages of testing....but you will not be playing a completed game. You will merely be there to help test it and help build it. It could be just as unfun as fun ;)
  • Welcome to Ashes
  • Welcome to this beautiful community
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