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Corrupt Titans [NA] **Exclusive** HARDCORE PvP, Sieging & Raids, Contracting, Active

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Corrupt Titans

Guild Leader: Corrupt                   Guild Officers: Tarnak, Blitsen, Julian

[Corrupt TItans] is a NA based org looking to create a exclusive guild of highly skilled elite players that strive for nothing less than perfection. While our community has a laid back and relaxed feel when it comes to our pvp we takes things to the NEXT LEVEL! We are focused on making a NOTORIOUS name for ourselves in the AoC scene by BREAKING the meta, having the most experienced gamers, and never ceasing to improve.



-Hardcore PvP (Open-world and instanced)

-Node Leveling

-Influencing Economy (Looking to contract for guilds hits/bounties, crafting, node leveling, protection, real-estate investments)

-Active community of Theory crafters


Corrupt Titans prides itself on taking on outnumbered fights and undermanned raids. We want our name to be feared and notorious for DOMINATING anyone who stands against us. We want to make a HUGE impact in every aspect of AoC overall!


LF department heads such as recruitment, streamers, raid leaders, etc!



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