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Finally pre-ordered!

Hello community!

I am Vexer! Been playing MMOs since FFXI when I was 11. I finally decided to pre-order Ashes after watching from the shadows since the initial fundraiser. I had actually bought a 150$ package back then but I refunded it because I was a poor college student and I have been burned so many times on "promising" mmos. But, I am here now!

A little about me: 

I am a Vet who spent 5 years in the Marines but am back in California now. I have played so many mmos... FFXI, Lineage 2, EQ2, Rift, BDO, Aion, GW2, MO, Darkfall, ESO and a bunch more. I am now an electrical engineering student while working as an electronics technician. I have a beautiful girlfriend who I am going to try an convince to play with me. (She love ESO). 

Cannot wait to see everyone in-game.



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