My Kickstarter account

If i upgrade my account to life time sub do i have to pay $500 even though i already put money in as a backer or do i just pay the the extra?.

Also do i stay as a kickstarter or when i upgrade make me lose that right.


  • you pay the difference
  • Can i ask why i have this option now is it a limited time bonus or somthing? because when i backed the game there was deals for these packages and was sold out nearly instantly.

    I was under the impression that once kick starter finished that was it you could never get it again so can every one now get the rewards for opting in? coz if u can thats pretty f**ked imo.
  • only backers can upgrade
  • Why is that though is it limited time exclusive or somthing? i aint really followed this game since it was in backing stage. Now all i see is i can add this buy that and im not gonna lie its putting a bad taste in my mouth. The game got more then enough funding from the kickstarter.

    Then im 90% sure they did another summer kickstarter or somthing and now i can upgrade to bigger packages? lol.

    The game is still a long way away from being released and they have a store selling you all kind of different packages and things before the game is even out yet? :S

    I dont wanna be that game to shit on the game coz it looks like its going in the right direction but come on man re asure me on the game before i spend like $50 on a pair of curtains for my house ... ( sarcasm )
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