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  • What is your stance on having playable instruments in the game?
  • When can we expect more in-depth details on specific classes and archetypes?
  • @IntrepidStudios Thanks for making this game and I think you guys are doing a great job so far.
    Can You please elaborate more on the Stock Market exchange what will be available as far as stocks will you be able to invest in a node stock? or am I investing in a guild? also how advanced will the tools for the exchange (stop losses?) will be tools to track stocks? 
    Thanks in advance!
  • Thanks for all the hard work every one of you at Intrepid is doing!

    Will there be certain quests that will require you by the difficulty to only be grouped up with other players? Or will anyone by themselves be able to perform every quest handed out? 

    Bonus question: Will quests be generated based on what's happening around a node or just pre-programmed NPC-x needs you to take care of this issue? 

    Double overtime question: Will there being Adventurer halls to meet with others/gain quests and general in-game voice chat with distance mechanics to make it quiet enough to hear the players in front of you and backroom areas where only those in the room + maybe those spying on the backroom can hear the conversation?
  • Any update on when we will find out more about the classes and crafting? Also will we get more trailers like the Rogue  trailer?
  • Hey guys, will there be a "main storyline" that I need to follow through the whole game and also side quests everywhere in the world ?

    Keep up the amazing work, I love you all so much, can't wait to play Ashes of Creation.


  • Hey guys, hope we see soon some dungeon or spoiler raid boss? PVE is always amazing...I read you guys will have amazing AI, how will that influence dungeon/raid boss strategies?
  • Happy Halloween 🎃 !
    A question, Are a person‘s abilities defined by thee ace chosen? (For example: Are the starting abilities of a Kaelar mage the same as that of a py‘rai Mage) or is there a racial difference?

    thank you
  • Bards? Anything would be enough! :D
  • A question from a large roleplayer base for your game. Will corruption be enough to ward being "ganked" during a roleplay compaign? Some of us roleplayers are worried that we will be targeted by higher gear players and end up having a "ruined" campaign if we ever wanted to roleplay in a setting that's not a freehold or node.

    Is "getting killed" basically something we'd have to expect?
  • When the main game launches, how will they be accessed? Will you teleport there instantly? Or will there be a certain access point within the world?
  • Will you be able to be a citizen of multiple nodes?
  • Hey guys, much love! Question: Will there be viability in only using a single one-handed weapon without sacrificing the optimization of dual-wielding, two-handers, or a shield?
  • Will it be possible to breed horses capable of doing "calvary charges" to use in PvP with animal husbandry?
  • Hello guys , One question how is the flagging system wil work on the pvp side ? ;  i mean what if you dont want to do any pvp wil there be any protection againt eventualy Low levels killers etc...
  • Turgal said:
    Hello guys , One question how is the flagging system wil work on the pvp side ? ;  i mean what if you dont want to do any pvp wil there be any protection againt eventualy Low levels killers etc...
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