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Time to settle down

Hello any and all who wander past this humble page. My warmest greetings to everyone. As you may have guessed I enjoy a touch of role-play here and there, but I strive to balance the fun with the seriousness that can come with a game like this.

Logically, this game is the reason I'm here. I've tried my hand at a few MMORPGs but none have ever struck me as fun in the long term. I've been looking for a world that's dynamic, that isn't solely a static story embellished with the facade of player choice and interaction. I'm almost certain I want to delve into the world of Ashes of Creation, but I would like to hear others' perspectives on the pre-order packs and their worth.

Now for a bit on my play style: I've never been drawn to nor particularly competent at DPS or Tanking. I tend towards support classes. Another aspect of Ashes that intrigues me is the possibility of creating a name for yourself as an artisan, be it a craftsperson, a rare material hunter, or something else in that vein. What I'm getting at is that I'm enamoured by the vibrancy and complexity of this world and I want this to be the game and community that I settle on and dedicate my time towards.

I look forward to hearing from many of you and nurturing relationships which will further all of us in the future.


  • First and foremost i like to welcome you to this great place and i hope you stick around for a long time!
  • Welcome Home.

    I like to think of ashes more as an alternate reality than a game.
    A reality that allows many moments of extreme emotional reactions.
    A place of Peace & War, Love & Hate.
    A place full of the dearest friends & the most detested enemies.
    A place full of rich & poor, strong and weak, smart and stupid.
    From the humble and honourable, to the arrogant and despicable..
    ..may you find a place in which to dwell.
    And call it ...home.
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • I'm certainly planning on making this, as Rune_Relic put it, home.
  • Welcome to the Ashes Community!   Grab an ale and pull up at seat by the fire as we get to know each other awaiting the arrival of a new world.
  • With pleasure. But this begs the question: what would you like to know?
  • Welcome.

    If you need to know anything, feel free to ask.  
  • RileyRain said:
    what would you like to know?
    Uh, everything? "Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own." 

    Welcome! We got these here forums for mingling with the masses of waiting fans. But the official discord is where most of the action is at, check that out if you haven't. Glad to have you among us! 

  • Welcome to Ashes! :)
    Since no one really gave you an opinion on the pre order packs like you asked, let me at least give you my perspective^^
    At the time you have 3 different options on when to join the fun (excluding the open BR stresstest soon)
    Alpha 2, Beta 1 or Beta 2. While a great deal of alpha 1 contains testing in arena form, that ship has already sailed^^. Fortunately the other 3 options are all actual MMO testing phases. Which means the longer you wait the more polished the game will become, on the flipside the earlier you join the sooner you get that sweet Ashes content and get to explore Verra :)
    It basically comes down to how patient you are^^
  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
  • i expected this to be about settling down with a family in the game.
  • Ravnodaus said:
    RileyRain said:
    what would you like to know?
    Uh, everything? "Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own." 

    To start I may as well describe my intentions in game. I plan on following the route of a Tulcan Minstrel or Soul Weaver and then exploring the crafting classes. I would like to avoid unnecessary conflict between players, but I'm no pushover when it comes to players who make the world unbearable to play in. 

    @Hackerson thank you for responding to that query. All input helps. If others have more information about the pre-order packs I would still love to hear you.

    Thank you to everyone who has welcomed me thus far, I look forward to adventuring with many of you.

    @daedal Metaphorically this is settling into a new family, maybe not a marriage and two and a half children, but a community to belong to.

  • Welcome to Ashes
  • @RileyRain dont worry about anything... your consciousness will be absorbed to the collective fire that is, and will be.  :D
  • @AutumnLeaf Thank you.
    @Rajuta Naturally.
  • RileyRain, welcome to the community of Ashes! I have a Braver of Worlds pack, and I'm glad that I do for the lifetime sub, plus the chance to test beforehand. However, since that's not available anymore, I would highly recommend getting Alpha 2 access. Everything will be wiped before the game starts, so it doesn't really give you much of a headstart that way, but it will give you a good idea about which crafts, etc, you want to pursue before the game goes live. To me, that personal experience is invaluable, because I don't feel that I'm starting the game off blind. The beta access will give you some time, but it does seem like they plan to keep the betas pretty short, if they stick to their timeline. But any one of those packs, or just the fact that you registered on this forum will give you access to these initial Alpha 1, Phase 1 combat tests, though if you play them, realize that they are not what the final mmo will actually be like. They are fun, though, and give you a chance to get to work with and meet others that you might want to game with later. :)
  • @MedievalMiss Thank you for the input. I really would have liked to have had the chance to get unlimited access. Since that isn't available any more I think I may hold out until more about the subscription system is explained. I'm hoping that if enough people show that they would like a once off payment then it may come to fruition. Until then I'll bide my time and see what I can do.
  • Since your new here's your guide on the community.😁
    Here's some links from around the community:
    Deaths proxy's channel he talks about ashes a lot.
    AshesCommunityPodcast's new channel
    Dungeon Crawler Network's weekly podcast about ashes
    First Phase of Action Combat - *Alpha 1 Trailer*
    Pax east gameplay
    They stream twice a month with updates check the discord for when.
    Great place to discuss the game
    Quotes about the game from the Steven (Creative Director/CEO of Ashes)
    A compilation of information about Ashes of Creation
    Ashes' release schedule
    Live launch is planned for before 2020
    I don't know everything but I do know a lot so if you have any questions I'm your guy.
    If there are links I should add please tell me .
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