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  •  This is so bad I am so sorry hahahaha! 

    I once got a little lost
    And stumbled upon a windmill boss
    Somewhere in the lands of Vera,
    I wasn’t quite sure the era.

    I had only heard of this place before,
    And I dashed to discord so I could be sure,
    Where gamers expressed their hopes and frustrations- 
    It was the beginning of Ashes of Creation.

    Armed only with a sandal and an ambitious dream
    Steven aimed to change the MMO scene
    So he got everyone together, made a plan and a team.
    And promised to avoid any p2w schemes.

    We’ve come a long way since that day back then
    From concept art to videos and we chanted “no pay to win.”
    Things were good, gaining traction, and boosting morale
    But hold on wait - is Ashes a Battle Royale?

    No, it’s only a test mode! Steven reminded
    And kept us inspired as well as provided 
    permission to break the server, do our best to prevail.
    So that we could have fun while he covered the details.

    Now here we are as we look at the past.
    We got our first taste of alpha, the rest will go fast.
    So far most expectations have been met or surpassed.
    Unless we are talking about nodes 3 which sorta got bypassed. :P

    But we will stand eager and waiting for whatever is next.
    Keeping our computers ready and always within specs.
    As the day until launch only grows more near
    Whenever Ashes calls we are sure to be there.  

    --end cringe-- 

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    Entry: The Beast Who Stole Verra

    And one day Activision offered Steven a check he just couldn't refuse, Verra was never the same! - the end

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    I've never been good at keeping times. In my defence, thought I had twenty minutes left. Welp, would be a waste not to post it. Good luck to everyone with a valid entry! Aka, not my post.  :D
    I woke up. 
    The air felt hot and my breathing heavy. I lay for a while, Staring at the roof for what felt like a couple of seconds but in reality, were minutes. I was drenched in sweat. ”Another nightmare”, I thought. I close my eyes for a brief moment, then struggle to open them again. ”I wonder if I overslept?”, I more or less muttered. A question I already knew the answer to, there was no doubt that I did. I sat up and just as I did, I heard steps. Theese steps were not from any humanoid but from a ferocious beast with only one goal. 

    It attacked.
    Every day began like this, but I did not mind. I smiled and embraced the kisses and cuddles that my lovely dog provided me with each time I woke up. After a short while he looked at me with what felt like a serious look. ”Yea. I know, buddy. Don't worry, we've still got time.”, I said, even though I knew he did not understand me. I kissed him on the head and continued, ”Let's eat breakfast and be on our way as soon as possible.” Breakfast was one of the words he understood, one of his favorites in fact. He did not wait for a second and ran straight to the kitchen. I let out a short ugly chuckle at the sight, before I got out of bed. Standing up felt like a struggle, clearly I had not slept enough. The air still felt heavy and my chest, it felt burdened.

    We ate breakfast.
    I packed what was needed and lastly, A dagger. I was not particularly skilled with it, but safety should always be a priority. It was time to leave and by the door awaited my brave companion, eager to leave. As we stepped outside and I took my first breath, to my surprise, the air felt warm. I could barely distinguish it from how it felt inside the house, it was rather uncomfortable as it was just as hard to breathe outside as it was inside. ”A trip to the local cleric may be wise once we're done.”, I thought. I sighed, then let out a whistle.  Signaling the start of our small adventure to my loyal friend who were busy sniffing the surroundings, had any unwelcomed guest had been passing by, just in case. Safety comes first.

    I came to a halt.
    We were halfway there. I knew that but yet I was very confused. The last couple of minutes had escaped my memory, I had no recollection of anything after leaving the house. I looked around and everything did seem normal, except for the heavy air, still there. In fact, it felt even heavier, my chest, felt heavier. There was nothing wrong with the surroundings. In the distance I could see a couple of flangglers. Up high, a soaring griphon. A rare sight, lucky day perhaps. I closed my eyes to regain my senses, a visit to the cleric would definitely do me good. Once I opened my eyes, I felt a chill through my whole body. Fear struck me as I had... No we... Had already reached our destination. Something was definitely wrong with me. 

    In front of me, a cave.
    By the entrance, my ally awaited, waving his tail. I looked at the cave for a while. ”This is indeed our destination. But what are we doing here?”, I thought. I honestly could not remember. All I knew was that this is where we were supposed to go. I took another deep breath. Tried rather, as I started to cough in the middle. It felt like smoke had filled my lungs, the smell of burning wood was strong, was it coming from inside the cave? There was no signs of something being wrong coming from my friend, he just kept wagging his tail, excited to press on. He barked at me, most likely telling me to stop being slow. I did my best to shrug off the uneasy feelings. Nothing felt right though. Upon entering the cave, I felt no chill, no cold air. Still the same warmth, the same heavy air. I coughed again, as I lit the torch I had brought. Still the heavy smell of burnt wood and smoke, yet no sight of any smoke.  The tunnel felt endless as we walked. There was not much of any air going through the tunnel, but I could feel some air brushing upon my neck. I paid it no mind, as my eyes were focused forward.
    Up ahead, I could see the tunnel widening, a room perhaps. My companion had stopped by the entrance, he stood still and did not make a single sound, eyes forward. Odd for a lively creature such as he. Were something wrong, he would bark. Brave and stupid as he was, he would not fear anything. I heard a rumble, or rather, something breathing. Something big was up ahead. All the hairs on my body stood up, which was when I felt the air against my neck even more clearly. It was not any kind of current, that was someones breath. I quickly spun around, then almost fell back. An old lady, resembling a hag had been right behind me the whole time. I quickly stepped back, reaching for my dagger. It was gone. She looked at me, straight in the eyes. But... She had no eyes, only sockets. However, I could tell she were looking straight into my eyes. I wanted to speak, I wanted to scream. I was Frozen.

    She raised her hand towards me.
    Not to grab nor harm. It felt like a hand meant to warm. ”Open wounds and broken bones.”, She said. Her hand was black, burnt enough to never recover. ”Flames will devour the sleeping soul.”, She continued. Then took a step towards me and as she did, her hand fell to the ground, the burnt area was spreading like a disease across her body. The old lady were turning into ashes in front of me by the seconds. ”Poison fills the air, the homestead burns down.” There was not a single spot left unschorded. ”Open wounds and broken bones.” She repeated as she fell to the ground and just as she did, I heard a loud crack behind me. I once again spun around, to find my dear friend lifeless on the cold floor. There was blood everywhere, his legs twisted in multiple directions. I started to cough again, this time I could not stop, breathing felt almost impossible. Another rumble came from ahead, my eyes were teary and I couldn't not see far at all. I could distinguish two red eyes. I heard a growl and suddenly everything lit up, however all I could see was fire. Everything went dark, Pitch black. All I could hear was barking, fading, until after a short while. Nothing.

    I never woke up.

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