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kencha77 said:
In the last twitch Q&A, it was said that there's a plan to make AOC a franchise and i think one of the most effective way to make the franchise grow is by means of movies.
With the help of the node system the game, many different stories like development/destruction of cities and the rise of a hero can be told and all of these stories will be added to the history of the world in the game. With this in mind, series of movies can be created with these stories. The characters in this stories will be us, the players.
I have posted this around may last year and now I am just curious what new forum members thought about this idea.
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    I think it should be based on the game's 5th expansion :)

    Too far in the future, I have no opinion on it at all lol sorry.
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    It’ll be an epic Oscar-winning film that changes our culture forever, just like the Warcraft film.
  • It's a game, keep it that way.
  • If in like 1 or 2 or 10 years after launch we know everything about the fall of verra and the great calamity, a movie about the fall might be nice.

    Or they make a Action-Movie about the BR where everyone just tries to slaughter everyone else.
  • Best to let the game come out first.
    It might end up being shit, then none will want to see the movie.
  • Every movie I have watched based on a game has been a complete fail with bad acting, writing, graphics, plot, and so on.

    Hopefully they stick to books/novels.
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