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Hello all

Hi, I'm new and checking in for the first time.

The game looks exciting and I look forward to when we can play.  I encourage the designers to continue on their current paths.

Just in case any of my old Lineage 2 friends recognize my name, please get in touch perhaps we can recreate something like Invalescere.

All the best, Tau


  • Welcome to the community, TauTau! Glad to have you :)
  • Welcome to the commmunity!
  • Welcome TauTau. Glad to have you here. What'd you like best about Lineage 2?
  • Thanks, Ravnodaus,

    It is hard to decide what I liked 'most' about L2, so I will mildly dodge your question and give a top five list.

     - The people in my 'clan' (Invalescere) when it was at its best, a great community of friends

     - The difficulty, including the grind, which gave me a real sense of accomplishment

     - The crafting, making things that mattered to the player and to the economy, at least until a couple years in when drops became the source of most gear and crafters became less relevant

     - The beauty of the world, it was huge and fantastic and worth exploring

     - The danger and adventure of things like castle sieges (I remember when Aden was first taken), who death had a real impact (exp loss and gear drops), when Cruma and ToI were real challenges to a good party.

    I will also add what I liked least, which was the pay to win, botters, cheaters and so forth who broke the rules making it so hard to be on top honestly.

    All the best, Tau

  • Welcome to the Ashes Community!   
  • Welcome to ashes tau are you a blue fish person?
  • @TauTau welcome to the  community! On your castle siege comment it is the biggest thing i am looking forward to in ashes. They are promising some great battles!

  • Yes Rajuta,

    The sieges were great fun.  I was a part of attacking groups often and for a good part of one year my guild owned one of the castles (Oren).  That gave us access to a private dungeon as well as other benefits.  I expect that we will see even better than that in Ashes, it is looking great.

    All the best, Tau

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    @TauTau large scale battles with friends(with minimal lag) thats living the dream

  • Welcome to Ashes :>
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to Ashes! :)
  • Welcome to the community, TauTau! I sincerely believe we aren't going to have those negatives that you didn't like in Ashes. :)
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