Bards May be Over Rated for Grouping (by a lot)

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The most popular class: The Bard.  Now enchanters and mezzers are gone: Embodied in the Bard.  Everyone want’s to be the popular bard and the best of all worlds.  Buffers with manna and speed yet utilitarian and a side fighter.  You might consider a spell caster and dump the bard as the be all.  You are amplifying the letdown. I want to be a bard.  Yet my experience says the glut of the bard class means we won’t play a lot in groups.  Thus, only the UBER minstrel will get an invite.  As a future Nikua, I thought of the echolalia, but now it’s down to warrior or shaman. Good luck.  Skaff.

Nota Bene. My recommendation is to make a Bard extremely hard to level or gain attributes.  Although this was tried with Everquest, my opinion is it was so popular, folks still overcame the handicap.  Yet, it is a prudent measure. Skaff.

Necromancer was the DPS king and the chanter was the after thought (like a fart in the wind).


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