Alpha Forum Permissions and Forum Role´s

i´m a braver of worlds backer and how @Belle-bot.exe ♡ said, i have wrote a support ticket on 27th october and still have no answer yet.
The only thing i wish that i get permissions for alpha forum and the roles in the forum these entitled me by donate at kickstarter.

In my opinion the problem of all is that i have registated me in october 2018 and so i hadn´t get the email message with the word.doc for the NDA. I think this email was sent in January 2018.

Hopefully, Steven ;-)


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    Hi Steven. Opening a post on the forums is related to forums or discord support only. For ZenDesk, all support is handled via email. I would advise adding - community@intrepidstudios.com and support@ashesofcreation.zendesk.com as known contacts to your email contacts list as often times responses may go to spam or even be blocked entirely by spam filters. Also I would recommend doing a search of your emails to ensure that a communication was not filtered out errantly. If you find that you have not located a response, be it due to spam blockers or any other reason, you may reply to the email generated at time of ticket creation to inquire for an update.

    Thank you,

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