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Hey all.  *waves*  :)

I’ve been playing MMOs (with my husband) for 19 years.  Our very first MMO was the original EverQuest.  Good times… and lots of bad/infuriating ones (that I can now laugh about all these years later)!!  :P

For the past 5 years or so, we haven’t been able to find an MMO that looked even remotely appealing, or that could hold our interest past a few weeks (or a couple months at most).  We’d resorted to attempting to get back into games we had previously enjoyed (WoW, RIFT, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2) but it wasn’t working out, and we finally just gave up altogether.  I honestly thought we were done with MMOs for good… until I happened to stumble onto an AoC video on YouTube.

Oh, wow… hope is alive again.  Thank god.  Or rather, thank you Intrepid Studios!  :P

My husband and I enjoy playing either solo or as a duo, and we don’t particularly enjoy PvP.  However… this game actually has me quite excited for certain types of PvP, like defending my home node if it’s under attack, and defending caravans belonging to my fellow citizens.  I also love the Corruption system.  If I get jumped, I can simply let them kill me, and then just go on about my business with minimal time-loss and frustration.  LOL!!  Nice.  :D

At the moment, I’m planning on playing a Summoner/Cleric (Necromancer), so I’ll have to try and remember to keep my pet on “passive”.  That’s not how I normally run with a pet, so I’m sure I’ll screw up more than a few times, and unwittingly get sucked into a PvP altercation.  Heh!  Ah, well… c’est la vie.  :P

We’re both incredibly excited for AoC, and are hoping like hell that this game will be “the one”, where we can finally have a “home” for years to come.  But the wait is going to be killer!  I’m actually kind of glad I just found out about it now, rather than a year ago…

But for the time-being, it’s still fun to dream and plan.  We definitely want to either share a Freehold, or (more likely) have neighbouring ones.  Not 100% sure what I’m going to do with mine, but at the moment I’m very interested in mount breeding, farming, fishing, cooking, and running an inn/tavern.  Oh, and exploring.  Lots, and lots, and lots of exploring!

Anyway, that’s all for now!  Cheers guys!  :)


  • welcome to you and your husband
    we all have a thirst only ashes can fulfilil

    if you guys need a guild hit me up ;) 
  • Neyjour said:
    But the wait is going to be killer!  I’m actually kind of glad I just found out about it now, rather than a year ago…
    Agreed haha. Makes up for missing out on KS :P welcome and cheers.
  • Welcome to ashes i hope it's everything you hope for ^^
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    @daedal - Thanks for the offer!  We'll definitely contact you if we do.
    @NeuroGuy - I'm a bit bummed that we missed out on the KS, but hopefully we'll be able to get pre-order packs next year, once we've recovered from the Christmas holidays.
    @nagash - Thanks!  *fingers crossed*
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys.  :D

  • Welcome to the forums! You sound like many of the wayward souls who have washed up upon the Intrepid Studio shores, seeking refuge. Glad to have you here! If there is anything you need just ask, plenty of helpful folk around.

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    @Ravnodaus - Thanks very much!  *crawls up the beach, coughs up seawater, and then kisses the sand*  :P
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • Now, that's a good introduction! ^^
    Welcome to Ashes, you two :) Glad you joined us the hype, feel free to swing by discord for a chat!
  • Welcome to Ashes 'w'
  • 19 Years? That's a long time!
  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
  • yoshi g, join us in the forums as we wait for this game.
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    Thank you for the welcome, everyone!  :)
    @gun - Yeah... getting old(er). :( :P  I'm so glad AoC is coming soon.  I was worried that if, one day, a good MMO was announced, it'd be at a time when we had to hobble over to our computers with a walker.  :D

    P.S. - So much editing!  Ack!  The formatting on these forums is driving me nuts...  I'm not used to automatic double-spacing for paragraphs.  :(
  • Welcome Home.
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