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Another captured soul.

Hello everyone, I'll take the time to say hi and give you a tl;dr of a portion of my gaming activity.  I wish I had heard of this project earlier. I'm pretty excited for it now. Been watching some previous dev streams on Twitch and browsing the wiki and forums here. I've had a broad background of various games that all have aspects of this project in it.

To list some;

Silkroad Online (SRO), which had a very similar system to what's being devolved here with the flagging and trade system, I played it years ago before there were big changes to the job system. I spent many hours participating in trade runs, sometimes hours long merchant caravans runs from one end of the game world to the other. I was a Hunter, who escorted the merchants and defended from thieves (NPC & players) who would try to attack to steal the cargo. I also participated in a lot of Fortress Wars with some of the top guilds on my server. Quite many fond memories there but sadly over the years it became extremely P2W and bot/gold sellers overpopulating real players. 

I played Runes of Magic some, years ago. Which has a similar duel class system. I've played SWTOR and participated in a lot of faction open world PvP and of course Huttball. I've spent countless hours in GW2 playing WvW, where the server I was on became top ranked. I've put many hours into Planetside 2 it's still such a unique game with nothing quite like it and I can see some elements of it here in AoC. I played ArcheAge for a little while. Blade & Soul (aka: boob & soul).  

I've played many other games and genres of games, but these have stood out as having so many elements that I'm seeing are a part of AoC. I'm glad to have found AoC, thanks devs.


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